Can I eat grapefruit on the night?

Можно ли есть грейпфрут на ночь?

Grapefruit – type citrus obtained by crossing orange and pomelo. Like most members of this fragrant family, the grapefruit has a number of positive properties due to composition, namely:

  • protects the body from cancer;
  • helps fight cold and flu;
  • improves the tone and overall condition of the vessels;
  • positive effect on blood circulation;
  • recommended in treatment of depression, chronic fatigue;
  • included in the diets at the expense of low calorie content and the ability to clean the liver from toxins, thereby increasing not only the overall tone of the body and digestion, but also improve appearance.

If you wish to lose weight, the desire to achieve results are sometimes crazy and not always easy ways. However, this does not apply to recommendations about what can I eat grapefruit on the night. With relatively low sugar content, this fruit at least does not provide significant additional calories, in addition, this method does not limit food intake before bedtime. That is why it is recommended by many nutritionists as a useful for dieters product. Moreover, due to astringent taste, it is able to dull the feeling of hunger and to help him sleep on an empty stomach.

However, the view that when taken at night grapefruit burns fat – no more than a myth, not confirmed clinically. The fact that this fruit simply do not contain the substances, capable to destroy subcutaneous fat. However, to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood with it, is quite real, thanks to a substance called naringin, which is contained in large quantities in the skin, internal partitions and the films of grapefruit.

Can I eat a grapefruit at night after a workout?

After a late workout may be tempted to satisfy your hunger before bedtime. In this situation the grapefruit and about 150 grams of boiled chicken breast will save you from feelings of hunger and provide the body protein without harm to the figures.

Why and who cannot have grapefruit at night?

Of course, there are grapefruit at night is healthier than cake, but can I recommend it to everyone? First of all, should refrain from its use if you are allergic to citrus. Secondly, it can increase discomfort in the acidity of gastric juice. Absolutely contraindicated for people with peptic ulcer diseases of stomach and duodenum.

Можно ли есть грейпфрут на ночь?  

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