Irritable bowel syndrome diet

Синдром раздраженного кишечника - диета

When irritable bowel syndrome diet is a type of treatment. Therefore, to neglect it in any case should not be. Remember that when abdominal pain, diarrhoea and constipation shown the different types of diets.

Diet for irritable bowel syndrome with pain

Discomfort in irritable bowel causes stretching of the bowel caused by flatulence and pathogenic microflora. All of this leads to impaired motility of the digestive system. Diet and nutrition in irritable bowel syndrome, accompanied by pain, should be built according to special rules.

  • Daily ration must not exceed 2000-2300 calories.
  • There is a need in small portions up to 6 times a day – literally every two hours.
  • There should at the same time that the bowel time to adjust to work.
  • The menu must not include the following products: spices, vinegar, alcoholic drinks, marinades, pickles, coffee, fresh fruits and vegetables with high acidity, meats, fatty sausage and meat.
  • It should also be refuse of canned food, foods containing synthetic dyes and flavor enhancers, allergens.
  • Dairy products should be consumed sparingly, because although they are good for the digestive tract, irritation can not be digested, as they contain lactose. And this substance the bowel is not always perceived adequately.
  • Shows the following products: lean meat, eggs, fish, whole wheat bread, porridge from whole grains, baked or steamed vegetables and fruits, green tea, fresh herbs, especially dill.
  • Diet for irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea

    If you have diarrhea from the diet should eliminate foods that stimulate the bowel, for example, cereals and vegetable food rich in fiber. The basic components of the menu should be the rice and rice water, strong tea, daily kefir, pasta from white flour, pulses, white crackers, diluted vegetable and fruit juices.

    Diet for irritable bowel with constipation

    If, on the contrary, the disease is accompanied by constipation, you want to include in the menu foods rich in dietary fibers and healthy fibers. They will force the intestines to work correctly, pushing the fecal mass and getting rid of them. Within diet for constipation shown the following foods: root vegetables, seaweed, apples, plums, persimmons, apricots, bran cereal, oatmeal and buckwheat porridge. Per day should drink at least one and a half liters of water.

    Синдром раздраженного кишечника - диета  

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