Pork knuckle in beer

Свиная рулька в пиве

If you haven’t tried roasted marinated pork knuckle in Czech, be sure to use the following recipe and prepare this awesome dish. You will like it incredibly spicy and at the same time delicate taste.

How to cook pork shank in beer in Czech, baked in the oven — recipe


  • a large pork shank is 1.8-2 kg;
  • the beer is light or dark to choose from – 2-2,5 l;

Spices for cooking:

  • fresh ginger root – 20 g;
  • black peppercorns – 7 to 9 PC.;
  • peas of fragrant pepper – 4-5 PCs.;
  • dried parsley – 10 g;
  • cumin beans – 10 g;
  • dried oregano – 5 g;
  • the Bay leaf – 5 PCs.;
  • salt – 10 grams;

Spices for roasting:

  • refined vegetable oil – 35 ml;
  • the teeth of garlic – 3 PCs.;
  • honey flower – 35g;
  • natural soy sauce – 25 ml;
  • freshly ground black pepper – 5 g


For the preparation of Czech selectable large pork knuckle and, if necessary, get rid of the hair, scorching it over the fire. Thoroughly wash the product under running water, pollution scouring brush or knife, and then promycelium from the water with a paper towel and placed in a suitable sized pot for boiling. About two inches of ginger root grate and add to the knuckle. There also throw the peas of black and fragrant pepper, Bay leaves, caraway seeds, dried parsley and marjoram, salt and pour all this beauty with dark beer. It might need slightly more or less depending on whether the selected cookware corresponds to the size of the shank. In the end, the product must be completely covered with beer.

Put the dishes with a dish on the fire, allow to boil, cover the lid, reduce the intensity of heat to a minimum and my knuckle for three hours.

Свиная рулька в пиве

Now take out the product in the pan, giving the option to pre-drain a bit of fluid. The teeth of the garlic peel, grate on a fine grater or passed through a press. Garlic mix the obtained mass with refined oil, soy sauce, honey and milled black pepper and RUB the aromatic mixture obtained by the knuckle.

After you bake the spicy pork in the oven. For your custom device at the temperature for 180 degrees and put it in the pan with the dish for one hour. When you do this, be sure to water it every fifteen minutes the released juices.


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