Lenten gingerbread

Постная коврижка

During lent as never want something tasty and delicious for tea. Suggest as a sweet add-on cook delicious meatless gingerbread and offer a few different options.

How to cook lean honey gingerbread — recipe


  • wheat flour – 275 g;
  • honey – 75 g;
  • water is filtered – 235 ml;
  • refined vegetable oil – 125 ml;
  • baking soda – 10 g;
  • lemon juice – 10 ml;
  • baking powder – 5 g;
  • walnuts – 0.5 cups;
  • fresh apples – 275 g;
  • powder sugar for decoration – 60


Cooking lean honey gingerbread start with pre-dried on a dry pan will grind the nuts thoroughly in the container of a blender and mix with the sifted flour and baking powder. In another container combine water with sugar, honey and vegetable oil and put the dishes in a water bath. Warmed up a lot, stirring occasionally, until the full blooming of honey and dissolve all sugar crystals. Soda Gasim lemon juice and add to honey mixture. Wait until the mixture will froth and increase in volume, and then remove from heat and add flour mixture and stir until as homogeneous as possible and the texture of the dough as for pancakes.

Pour it into a sheet with parchment and oiled additionally, the capacity for baking, and cover pre-peeled and cut into slices apples. Now it remains to see gingerbread until cooked in the oven. This device heated to a temperature of 180 degrees and after placing the dishes on his average level customizable timer for thirty five minutes.

Lean in slow cooker gingerbread with jam


  • wheat flour – 320 g;
  • strong black tea 245 ml;
  • thick jam, marmalade, or jam 75 g;
  • refined sunflower oil – 55 ml;
  • powdered sugar – 190 g;
  • baking soda quenched to 10 g;
  • powder sugar for decoration – 60


To prepare the bread for this recipe we’ll need a Cup of strong black tea. To do this, two tablespoons of tea brew pour a glass of boiling water and give a few minutes to infuse. After that discharge the liquid from the leaves, mixed with sugar and jam, add repaid soda and vegetable refined oil, stir and sieve into mixture flour. Achieve maximum homogeneity test and complete dissolution of the flour lumps, and pour it into the oiled multicontrol. The unit is configured on the function of «Baking» and cook the gingerbread for sixty minutes.

When ready allow the cakes to cool slightly, and then prepare with powdered sugar and serve, cut into portions. Optionally, you can impregnate gingerbread jam or jam, cutting it into two longitudinal pre-cake.

Lean tea chocolate gingerbread


  • wheat flour – 640 g;
  • honey – 140 g;
  • sugar – 60 g;
  • water is filtered – 490 ml;
  • refined vegetable oil – 260 ml;
  • cocoa powder – 200 g;
  • baking soda – 10 g;
  • lemon juice – 10 ml.


To prepare tea chocolate gingerbreadПостная коврижка mix in a bowl the sifted flour with cocoa powder. Then combine with the mixture prepared in another tank, which in turn we’ll get by mixing water, honey, sugar and refined vegetable oils, complete dissolution of the sugar crystals and blooming of honey. At the end we add to the dough extinguished by vinegar or lemon juice baking soda and again thoroughly kneaded.

Pour the chocolate dough in oiled container for baking and placed in a preheated oven for baking. The device is definitely pre-heat over to 170 degrees and after meals will configure the timer for forty-five minutes.


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