The normal white blood cell count in women: transcript analysis and table

For any ailment one of the first studies, which is prescribed by the physician to determine the cause of the disease, is the KLA. Displayed there are the indicators of the level of white blood cells would immediately tell the technician where to look for the cause of the disease. To navigate, demonstrated by this analysis, learn more, what is the rate of leukocytes in the blood in women should be and what could be the reasons of changes of the leukocytic formula.

Transcript of leukogram blood

Leukocytes refers to several types of constituent blood cells, unlike red blood cells, transporting oxygen around the body, performs immune function by protecting from infections. In your analysis, they may be referred to by the acronym WBC (angl. white blood cells, which translates as «white blood cells»). The percentage ratio between them is calculated in the research process, called the leukogram, leukocyte or formula.

In the analysis performed counting all kinds of types of blood cells:

  • Granulocytes, also known as granular cells are the most numerous group, their amount is up to 80% of all white blood cells. These include:
    • neutrophils (banded and segmented granulocytes);
    • eosinophils;
    • basophils.
  • Agranulozitos – make up 28% of the total, to perform protective functions they can leave the bloodstream the blood and enter into connective tissue. These include:
    • lymphocytes;
    • monocytes.

The normal number of leukocytes in the blood of women

Indicators (norms) are different for people of different age and sex, and depend on the physical condition of the person. For example, their level is increased after exercise or at night affects daytime fatigue. The WBC level in women is increased during pregnancy, after childbirth, during menstruation. How much should be blood in the blood in adult women? See valid numbers in the table below, which shows the designation of leukocytes in the blood and their normal limits.


Limit of normal



Granulocyte banded

1-6 %

Granulocytes segmented










Increased leukocytes in the blood

An increased content of parameter analysis, when the number exceeded 9*109/l. Such a change in the composition of the blood is called leukocytosis. A very large excess (50-80*109/l) may even indicate a leukemia – blood cancer. What this demonstrates a high concentration of white blood cells, can and should be installed only by a specialist because this condition can cause a variety of factors.


In some conditions, women the increase in WBC is normal: for example, numbers may be increased after childbirth or if a woman feels strong hunger, even after eating. Not considered a disease leukocytosis in pregnancy, which in addition to the natural increase of such parameter during this period can be caused in a pregnant woman, even an ordinary thrush (candidiasis).

If the factors that could influence the results are excluded, the doctor establishes what the root cause intensified growth, for example:

  • bacterial or viral infection;
  • traumatic injuries of the body, abscess, burn;
  • allergic reaction;
  • food poisoning that caused vomiting, diarrhea;
  • renal failure;
  • acute appendicitis, etc.

How to downgrade

Cause normal amount of leukocytes in the blood in women, affecting the reasons that it broke. So, if this indicator appeared due to physiological causes – fatigue, stress – you need to normalize the schedule of work and rest, to eat right, to prevent overheating of the body and not to overcool. If to increase the numbers of WBC in the formula caused the disease, are standardized tests due to the treatment of disease. Appropriate therapeutic measures should be prescribed only by a physician or a hematologist on the basis of the conducted diagnosis.

The white blood cell count decreased

The decrease in the level of white blood cells leukopenia is talking about. This is a dangerous health condition because it indicates a significant decrease in protective forces of an organism. If the indicator for this component of blood in women are less than the 3.7*109/l, this is a signal about the presence of the disease. In cases where a low level of white blood cells close to 1.7*109/l, about the development of a serious blood disorder. With a low WBC you need to immediately go on reception to the competent doctor.

The causes of low

Correct diagnosis for leukopenia is very important, because such changes may be caused by serious breaches in the process of developing white blood cells. It happens when:

  • violation of normal process of formation of the component by the bone marrow due to trauma, cancer of this organ;
  • insufficient quantity of trace elements and organic substances, b vitamins, copper, and iron;
  • if a person is ill with radiation sickness, AIDS, autoimmune disease;
  • in congenital predisposition.

The second group of reasons, which causes a decrease in numbers in the analysis is the reduction of the number in consequence of the death after the execution of the protection functions. It happens when:

  • the development of an infectious disease;
  • disruption of the spleen and liver;
  • increased destruction of cells resulting in long-term administration of drugs or the influence of strong medication, for example, chemotherapy;
  • hormonal disorders.


Revealed leukopenia (increased content of leukocytes in the blood) necessarily require skilled treatment of to restore the body’s ability to defend itself. Together with the impact on the disease that caused that deviation from the norm, you need to use drugs that stimulate production of white blood cells, and to pay attention to diet, need to consume vitamin complexes.

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