Birch tar from parasites: treated in the inside

Birch has long been considered a medicinal tree. People came to her and hugged the trunk – it was believed that the plant pulls the disease and gives vital strength. Medicinal properties have branches, leaves, SAP, bark. Birch tar from parasites is an effective tool that allows you to get rid of various pests and cleanse the body. The pharmacy substance can be purchased in liquid form.

How useful birch tar

This gift of nature has valuable ingredients: volatile and phenols contribute to the disinfection, guaiacol mutes the processes of decay and inflammation, KSIL, toluene and betulin conduct a complete cleansing of the body from worms, germs and other pathogens. People take birch tar for the removal of Giardia, roundworm, pinworm, tapeworm bovine tapeworm. Eating oily fluid, you get rid of the pests, carry out prophylaxis of atherosclerosis, erosions of the gastrointestinal tract, tumors are able to clear the liver of parasites, eliminate pain.

The therapeutic properties of birch tar will appreciate not all. People with kidney disease should not drink this liquid. Not everyone will be able to move the pungent smell of the substance, because of which there is nausea and vomiting. Be careful with dosages, because the uncontrolled use of funds for the purpose of purification is accompanied by diarrhea, increased heart rate, General weakness, malaise.

Treatment with birch tar inside from parasites

In the absence of contraindications oily odorous liquid can be given to adults and children. A growing body a little bit – dissolve a drop of purified aromatic substances in 1 teaspoon of honey. Give on an empty stomach. Every day increase the number of drops by one, until they become eight. After this course against parasites is over. For adults the duration of treatment is 12 days, but the maximum number of drops 8. In another similar recipe used honey instead of 1 Cup of milk.

Birch tar is effective against parasites, if taken in such schemes:

  1. On a piece of dark rye bread, squeeze 1 drop of the substance. Bedtime quickly swallow it almost without chewing. This action repeat for 4 consecutive days, and then apply on the bread for 2 drops. Every 4th day add 1 drop until their total number reaches 10. Then gradually reduce dosage to 1 drop. This recipe is used for cleaning the body from parasites and toxins. Try to make a tool at one time with no gaps.
  2. To get rid of parasites in the liver, drink 1 tsp. of tar. The result will improve the compress on the liver: apply on a gauze 2-3 drops of oily substance, on its right side, put a hot water bottle, hold it 2 hours.
  3. Good help the body has a mixture of tar and Apple juice
    • In one tablespoon of juice pour 1 drop of fragrant liquid. Drink three times a day.
    • 6 the following day increase the amount of active substance 1 drop (on the 2nd day 2 drops 3 times a day, on 3-th – 3 drops, etc.).
    • From 7 to 30 days for 1 tbsp is supposed to drink a teaspoon of tar.
    • Then make a break for 3 months.
    • Resume course with the dosage of the substance tsp 1 tbsp fresh, take means 5 days.
    • After 3 months repeat the previous step.
    • In the next six months drink oily liquid the first 3 days of every month. This scheme throws even the most stubborn parasites.

Video on the application of birch tar from worms


Egor, 38 years: Swallow this stuff could not – I have the feeling that drinking gasoline. From the smell for a long time away. The child is also not forced to drink tar. Better buy a normal tablet.

Nastya, 26 years: Tried the recipe with bread. Never suffered from high blood pressure, but on the 4th day of the cleanse as it jumped! Had to call an ambulance. I do not advise a means.

Angelina, 45 years: I the tar is good help. Health first was not so hot, but then everything worked out. The skin became cleaner and the complexion is more beautiful. Cheerful, as in his 25.

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