What can I eat for poisoning child and adult: feeding habits

Accepting poor quality food that contains pathogenic bacteria, viruses and toxins, the human body includes a protective function. Food poisoning is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, sometimes accompanied by poisoning with temperature. In severe cases can occur fever. In order to neutralize the negative effects you should know that you can eat in cases of poisoning. For a speedy recovery enter a correct diet.

Diet poisoning and diarrhea

The best cure for poisoning is considered a calm, gentle meal. From the harmful effects of bacteria inflamed wall of the gastrointestinal tract. The greatest burden falls on the stomach. At a poisoning the child experienced lethargy. Young body loses fluids faster than adults, so giving water he needs. Breastfeeding by poisoning is prohibited. Mature person able to force myself to eat only what can be eaten for poisoning.

Table of permitted/prohibited products for adults and children

Allowed food, drinks

Prohibited food, drinks


yesterday’s bread (better than breadcrumbs), cooked or oven meat low-fat varieties, porridge with water, 1 boiled egg, low fat cottage cheese, unsweetened jelly, water, herbal tea

food fast food (fast food), fatty meats, dairy meals, fried foods, canned foods, meats, milk, yoghurt, alcohol


baked apples, banana, dried fruit compote, steamed broccoli and carrots, low-fat yogurt

raw vegetables and fruits, oil (any), fresh bread, fresh and canned fruit juice, sweets

What you can eat

Symptoms of poisoning occur within 24 hours after receiving substandard food. On the first day it is recommended to eliminate the meal. Doctors say that you can eat in the poisoning of non-fat meat broths, crackers. Chicken soup poisoning has a positive effect. Recommended of cereals rice, buckwheat. Before cooking grits, you have to grind, cook in water. On the third day you can use cooked vegetables in casseroles, low-fat varieties of cheese, dry biscuits. Pregnant women and children need to follow the same diet as the adults.

What not to eat

At the peak of a severe exacerbation of the condition food, or repeal altogether, or consume in small portions 6-8 times a day. It is strictly forbidden the intake of fatty and spicy food, fast food, canned food, roasted. Raw vegetables and fruits to exclude. The child should be removed from all kinds of sweet food, even under the pretext of encouragement. In the case of non-compliance with diet, the gastrointestinal tract is subjected to irritation of unsuitable food, and diarrhea will continue.

What to drink for poisoning and vomiting

If poisoning is recommended to drink plenty of liquids. Young children give water with a spoon, if they refuse to drink on their own. Add the sugar in the water. Adults recommended a strong tea, herbal infusions. Drinking chamomile is necessary, it reduces inflammation. Before applying, grass should brew according to the recipe. To drink milk, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, sweet carbonated water and mineral water is prohibited, this will result in deterioration of the patient.

What can I eat and drink after food poisoning

After food poisoning to return to normal diet should be gradually, over 2-4 weeks. Alcoholic better rest to follow within a month. When you have diarrhea every organ was put to the test, so it is advisable careful body. Any new dish to introduce not more than once a day. To eat for the first time in small portions, 6 times a day. Portions increase gradually, not to overeat. Between meals, pause for 2-3 hours. Continue to drink a lot of fluid.

Table of permitted foods and fluids after food poisoning




steam meat, boiled or baked vegetables, crackers, soups, porridges on the water

water, herbal teas, decoction of fennel, green tea, sparkling mineral water


cottage cheese in casseroles or souffle, steam cutlets, meatballs, bananas, baked apples, biscuits, porridge on the water

water, homemade fruit compote, low fat yogurt, weak tea, a decoction of chamomile and rosehip

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