How to clean iron from scale inside and varnish at home

Women interested in how to clean iron from scale after Ironing wool, fleecy things. From frequent use it sole becomes dark, inside the tank and form a scum due to the use of hard water. In all of these cases help popular ways to use citric acid, vinegar, salt, soda. It is recommended to use cleaning agents, descaler, special pencils or toothpaste. Options you need to choose depending on coating the soles, the extent of its pollution.

How to clean iron at home

Even the most expensive appliance, whether it is the brand Tefal, Philips or Karcher, over time, gets dirty, sticks, gets dirty. Stroke their silk or white clothing no longer want, especially if it’s expensive or requires delicate care. Because hard tap water within the tank form a scum, wash also difficult. To remove fumes, yellow plaque in the vessel for liquid or darkening with the soles in those cases, simple methods. Which one to choose, easy to identify yourself.

Scale inside

Cleaning the iron with a steam generator is required if inside are orange-yellow tinge, appeared the scale. If you get rid of the dirt using a wiping or washing is not obtained, use a non-stick liquid. Some models have a self-cleaning feature. You need to fill up the water tank, turn on the self-cleaning button and set a maximum temperature. If necessary the procedure is repeated again. If this function is in operation, to remove the iron scale in the following ways:

  • Bred in the hot boiling water citric acid, pour the solution into the container. Included steam iron on maximum power, several times the escaping vapour. After cleaning pour out the fluid, cleaned the surface with a cloth.
  • Bred in boiling water vinegar or descaling, pour in a bowl. Set the unit so that the solution was hidden the whole sole with holes for steam. Leave for 2-3 hours. Will just have to scrub the rust, dry the surface.
  • To clean the dirt inside you and antiscale agents. Dilute it according to instructions, pour into the tank. Turn on the device in the socket, leave for half an hour. Carefully pour out the remains.
  • To remove the layer of dirt will help cleaner «Silit». Turn on the iron, turn up the sole. Put some money on the sole, fill in the holes. Residue removal is done in 10 minutes with a dry sponge or cloth.

The soles of soot and burnt fabric

During Ironing of the fabric fibers may adhere to the surface. Formed dark spots, dirt. To remove the carbon from the iron will help the chemical pencil with a special cleaning rod. It spend on metal penetration during operation of the device. The softened residues are removed with a dry cloth. A similar effect give two tablets gidroperita. Exfoliating burnt after rubbing a clean piece of cloth. There are a few options for how to eliminate a burn from the iron on their own. To do this:

  • Vinegar soaked towel, wipe them spots. For best results mix vinegar with ammonia.
  • Experienced hostess recommend you clean the iron salt fine grind «Extra». It is poured onto the paper, is carried out on a layer of heated flat iron. Instead of salt you can apply grated paraffin.
  • Distribute over the entire area a paste of soda and water, wait absorbed. Then clean up with a wet cloth. Instead of soda is often used hydrogen peroxide applied with a cotton pad. Some people need toothpaste, powders for cleaning kitchen surfaces (for stubborn dirt).

Teflon coated

Choosing methods, how to clean iron surface, it is necessary to pay attention to the coating material. If the surface of Teflon, cleaned her salt is prohibited. Suitable for these purposes, vinegar, citric acid or lemon juice, Laundry soap, peroxide. Cleaning technique is the same: the product is applied on the surface with a cotton pad or RUB them the coating. Remove the remains with a dry cloth after disconnecting the power cord. Some use ammonia, means for cleaning microwave ovens.

With ceramic coating

Options how to clean an iron with a ceramic coating, much. Use of chemical pencils. Note: salt and abrasives to traumatize prohibited. Suitable cleaning liquids and powders for the ceramics, toothpaste, vinegar, lemon powder. The easiest way to clean a dirty iron with ceramic coating, the rubbing soap. Good results are obtained when ammonia, caustic soda, liquid Polish remover or descaler. The purification technology is the same as described above.

Video: how to clean an iron

There are several ways how to clean the soleplate from dirt, scale or metal penetration. Effective are options for using a special pencil, descaler or citric acid. All formulations and ingredients easily purchased at a grocery or hardware store, they are reasonably priced. Detailed video will help you understand how to use the drugs, what to do. Only need to learn the steps to put them into practice at home.

Pencil for cleaning irons

Means from scale

Citric acid

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