The temperature of 37 without symptoms lasts for a long time in the child and adult

Slight hyperthermia, exceeding the indicator of physiological thermoregulation (36,9°C), but not reaching the lower boundary of the low-grade fever (37,1°C) is the narrow interval of the temperature scale, which is above normal, but below an explicit pathology. Prolonged or frequent crashing of the thermal status of the body should be cause for concern – they are manifestations of the disease. Short-term temperature of 37 without symptoms would be justified under all the stress, emotional outbursts and occurs in periods of age-related alterations in the body.

What is low-grade fever

When the thermometer registers a steady increase from 37.1 to 38°C – we are talking about low-grade fever. It develops due to inflammation, intoxication, allergies, hormonal disturbances, failure of thermoregulation Central Genesis, ionizing exposure. Low grade fever, is able to stay a week, accompanied by most respiratory infections, the much longer it will be observed in inflammation of the digestive and urogenital tracts.

When clear causes moderate hyperthermia (e.g., influenza, pancreatitis, cystitis, sore throat), it is treated in conjunction with other symptoms and normalizes with recovery. No obvious signs of the disease requires examination, because for a long period of fever, unlike the temperature of 37 with no symptoms, the physiological can not be, it will be found an explanation. We cannot limit ourselves to the observation and expectation of improvement, convincing argument – frequent low-grade fever in Oncology, which can’t be started.

  • The normal temperature of the human body

Heat production, heat exchange and thermoregulation vary during the day. Normally occurring metabolic processes of the human body is heated from 35.5 to 37.4°C, this band is considered physiological. Control of the heat mode is performed hypothalamic brain structures, equipped with thermal receptors. The slightest cooling or overheating of the internal environment of an organism causes a signal inducing the thyroid gland to adjust the production of the hormone and to normalize the basal metabolic rate.

  • How to correctly measure

The thermometry can be conducted mercury or electronic thermometers are equally accurate and reliable. The first disadvantage is the sampling duration (8-10 minutes), brittleness, toxicity of the filler (mercury). The measurement is performed in the axilla, oral cavity, anal opening. Mercury thermometer must be shaken off by knocking the bar to the level of 35°C. Electronic thermometers often show inaccurate parameters, because before you trust them, it is worth to compare the indicators with those that gives ordinary mercury.

Causes asymptomatic increase in temperature to 37 degrees

Physiological variations of thermoregulation possible with significant physical, emotional, mental stress. The main difference from the pathogenic process is satisfactory overall. Need to find out why her temperature is 37. Sometimes it is reasonable to change the schedule and pace of work, to reconsider the attitude to problems. However, slight hyperthermia may appear threatening illness occurring hidden, with scarce symptoms were tuberculosis, infections of the genitourinary system, many helminth infections, viral pathology.


Accidentally reveal a negligible temperature rise is difficult. If a man or woman looking for a thermometer – it is a reason. Malaise, feeling of fatigue, light fever, other subtle symptoms will help to determine the source of discomfort. The girl finds out that a similar condition occurs before menstruation or on the day of ovulation, the guy will compare hyperthermia with prolonged exercise, muscle pain. These cases – short-term disruption, but what about when the temperature 37 keeps a week or a month?

You should carefully consider prior to changing its own state, the occurrence of hyperthermia (temperature). Perhaps the operation was conducted, there was an injury, healing processes in the body can be a cause of prolonged moderate elevation of body temperature. The presence of chronic diseases (symptoms) requires the exclusion of exacerbations, complications, comorbidity. A temperature of 37 without symptoms manifested hormonal changes the body.

The child

Mobility, activity, emotionality with imperfect thermoregulation partly explain why the temperature in a child without symptoms is common. Other causes of hyperthermia – excess wear, conducive to heat, humidity, prolonged exposure under the sun, excessive bathing. When the child is 10, he is able to understand and consider instruction, 6 years little more defeated by the influence of external factors, same the newborn is entirely dependent on caring adults. Ignorance of the peculiarities of the little organism is a frequent cause of hyperthermia is raising the temperature to 37.

Slight hyperthermia is often accompanied by the eruption of a new tooth, the introduction of complementary foods, even the excitement on the eve of the important baby events. Vaccination, contributing to the development of the immune system, increases the temperature – a natural useful response, although frightened parents. To calm down will help the overall condition of the child, his sleep, appetite, desire to play, to have fun.

Be suspicious when the temperature (hyperthermia) without other symptoms is maintained for a significant period of case requires specialist advice. Hidden flowing disease depresses the immune system, causes damage to the body gradually, imperceptibly. Often manifest in a similar way disease of the urinary tract, infection caused by cytomegalovirus, simple herpes. Without treatment, the sharp exacerbation complicated by the occurrence of the disease.

What to do and when to consult a doctor

The main challenge in hyperthermia (temperature) – to avoid progression of disease, development of adverse symptoms and further rise in temperature. A thorough examination of the body, the tests will help to identify hidden signs of disease, to begin treatment in a timely manner. After a course of therapy should be observed from a specialist to a full recovery. Better enjoy the absence of serious symptoms and disorders than skip them, so a visit to the doctor when temperature is unnecessary.

Video on the causes of fever without obvious symptoms

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