Rotokan for gargling: instructions for use and breeding

Germs or viruses entering into the upper airway, become a cause of diseases: bronchitis, sore throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis. Cough, sore, red throat – these unpleasant sensations always want to quickly take off again to return to normal life. Rotokan for rinsing the throat of the extract of herbs is opposed to inflammation and infections, disinfects, restores health. Learn whether the medication is helpful for you personally, how to apply, what side effects it may cause. Choose effective means!

Instructions for use of Rotokana

One bottle of «Rotokan» contains 50 ml of aqueous-alcoholic extract of yarrow herb, marigold flowers and chamomile. Natural components gently treat the body and in most cases do not lead to undesirable consequences. Plants have anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, analgesic and antiseptic, used to treat colds and flu, digestive system, heal wounds.

Tincture for gargling is safe to use, the only contraindication is an Allergy to ethanol or components of plant. Children and pregnant women are recommended half the dose of the drug, which the doctor can increase if the patient’s condition is not serious. Analogues means — «Rotokan-Villars», «Diartikan», «Hekaton».

Indications for use

«Rotokan» is used in dentistry, gastroenterology, for the treatment of respiratory diseases:

  • When purulent tonsillitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis and other diseases prepare a solution of Rotokana for gargling. It disinfects, removes inflammation and pain. You can use another method: apply Rotokan for inhalation by nebulizer.
  • In the treatment of inflammations of the oral mucosa «Rotokan» is used as a rinse or make applications to the affected areas. During the treatment of periodontal abundantly moistened with the product thin cotton flagella is introduced into the gingival pockets.
  • In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract «Rotokan», diluted with boiled water, taken orally, used for the enemas after bowel cleansing.

How to make mouthwash

Tincture to gargle prepared from the glass of water and 5 ml (teaspoon). The procedure goes like this:

  1. Slightly heat the water. The optimum temperature of 30-40°C is too hot liquid will destroy the healing properties of herbal preparation.
  2. Drop a spoonful of the preparation in water, mix thoroughly.
  3. For child under 12 years old will need a half Cup of liquid medicines.

How to gargle

To use is necessary after meals to 4 times a day. Prepare a low concentration solution (a teaspoon of «Rotokan» in a glass of water). Type in your mouth cooked liquid, rinse Zev for a minute, then spit out. Repeat until all of the liquid. If after a few hours I feel good, process can continue, gradually increasing the dose to 2 or 3 teaspoons in one application. Regarding the duration of treatment consult a doctor.

Can I use Rotokan in pregnancy and children

«Rotokan» contains ethanol – the strongest toxic substance that penetrates all the body’s systems and causes of departure. The manual advises pregnant and lactating women to use the tool with caution. But since the solution is not consumed orally, and used for rinsing, you can use it freely. The only limitation can be Allergy women on the herbs included in the composition. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, to prepare the solution, take a glass of water a teaspoon of extract. If tolerated, use a double dose.

Children need a minimum concentration of means: half a teaspoon of Rotokana for gargling. Dissolving the remedy in a glass of warm water, let’s gargle child small portions. If in a few hours no observed adverse reactions of the body and the child feels well, treatment can continue. Schedule rinse and dosages assigns attending physician. Children over 12 years can be given the adult dose of funds.

Video about gargling for sore throat


Maria, 30 years: I always Have a bottle of this miracle medicine. Worth a little to supersite throat or start coughing, get, dilute the extract and rinse the throat until the entire glass. The main thing is to repeat during the day 3 times, you can still add something soothing, and after a couple of days, everything goes!

Anna, 35 years: by chance I saw «Rotokan» in the Internet when I was treated for strep throat. Saw the reviews and immediately bought a solution, even found the same as pictured on the Internet. This inexpensive tool quickly helped me. And recently the daughter has a cold, sore throat. The pediatrician also prescribed «Rotokan», which her daughter helped.

Svetlana, 27 years: Very effective! Sold in any pharmacy and costs pennies compared to everything that is advertised. When had quinsy, she tried, nothing helped. ENT advised to gargle for sore throat «Protocanon». I already didn’t believe me something will help, but decided to try. He helped very quickly!

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