How to lose weight after childbirth nursing mother at home: tips

The birth of a child for many is a welcome and joyous event. Future life of the parents, especially the mother, adjusts to his interests. But the girl remains the girl always, she needs to look attractive, so the question arises, how to lose weight after childbirth nursing mother at home. It is important to make this diet and exercise program so as not to harm your health and the baby. Some believe that it is impossible to lose weight when breastfeeding, which is not true.

Where to start recovery after childbirth

Sharply to go on a diet, reduce the diet of a nursing mother of a newborn for weight loss impossible. The main task of when you return to your form – proper organization of food rather than cutting calories. The system is called diet after childbirth for young mothers, but this is incorrect. It is important to eat something that will not harm the milk for the baby, so you should choose suitable products for weight loss and to reject those that may harm the baby and your forms. Should be given after delivery, light exercise, perform simple exercises for nursing young mothers.

A diet to lose weight for nursing mothers

The more a woman eats after giving birth, the faster she’s gaining weight, and overweight, big belly for a young mother breastfeeding – is a cause for stress and emotions. They will influence the quantity and taste of milk, so to lose weight is a must. The main rule in this case is to eat small portions of healthy food. Any rigid diet for breastfeeding young mothers after childbirth to reduce weight is unacceptable, if your goal is weight loss at GW. To make your menu based on the list of useful products, excluding harmful.

What you can eat

  1. Cereals (oats, millet). Best for Breakfast young mom, you can mix them with cottage cheese.
  2. Fruits (apples, pears, grapes).
  3. Vegetables (stewed, cooked). Cauliflower, beets, zucchini, carrots.
  4. Boiled fish.
  5. Boiled eggs.

Included in the list of what should eat a nursing mother for weight loss: fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt and milk, poultry fillets and veal. The main thing – do not overdo it, because dairy products begins copious milk, with which the child simply cannot cope. The fat content of cheese and milk is not particularly important during breastfeeding, because the baby is only important trace substances with these products. To use breastfeeding to young mothers need food with a high content of iodine and iron, which are contained in nuts, liver, seafood, eggs.

Forbidden foods during breastfeeding

  1. Flour products (bread, rolls).
  2. Pasta.
  3. Roast the vegetables.
  4. Fatty meat.
  5. Alcohol.
  6. Canned.

To exclude breast-feeding young mothers from your diet should be all smoked, salty, spicy and fried foods. Nuts can be eaten, but strictly control their quantity: and they seeds are the products of «invisible» consumption, eat a few of them is extremely difficult, and the calorie content in them exceeds half of the daily allowance, which is harmful to weight reduction. If you really want, you can afford to eat a muffin every 3rd day.

Menu nursing mothers on every day

What can I eat lactating mother? There are many different diet recipes for weight loss young mothers who are breast feeding who want to lose weight, remove belly fat after giving birth. They can be prepared in different days: make sure that the daily number of calories allowed foods did not exceed the daily norm. To return to your previous weight, remove belly fat and get rid of excess weight, the daily diet of mothers after giving birth for weight loss should include:

  • The meat – 200 g.
  • Stewed or fresh vegetables – 600 g
  • Cheese – 40 g cheese – 90 g
  • Fruit – 350 g
  • Dairy products – 500 g
  • Butter – 25 g.
  • Olive, corn or sunflower oil – 25 g.
  • Sweets or sugar – 50 g.

Most people believe that diet for weight loss can’t be tasty, considering how much restrictions falls on moms after pregnancy. To do this, below are recipes diet food for all who don’t know how to lose weight after childbirth nursing mothers in the home. The recipe includes only approved products, and the preparation will not take much time.

Buckwheat with chicken special

  1. You will need garlic, onions, minced beef, buckwheat, cheese, olives, sea salt, zucchini.
  2. Slice the garlic and onions, mix with minced meat and salt to taste. The stuffing can be prepared from several kinds of meat.
  3. Shape into patties and put in the frying pan, add a little water and bring the heat to medium. In the presence of a double boiler or multivarki, use them.
  4. On top of the chicken put the onion ring, a slice of zucchini.
  5. After 3 minutes report halved the olive or olive, grated cheese.
  6. If necessary, pour water, cover the pan with a lid, bring to readiness.
  7. Serve with buckwheat.

Rice with goulash

  1. For cooking rice, Bay leaf, flour, onion, beef, carrots, sea salt.
  2. Slice beef thin slices of 5-7 cm Fill with water so that it just covered the meat and put on fire.
  3. After boiling drain the water. You need to cook on the second broth.
  4. Wait until the beef becomes soft, add the shabby carrot, carefully chopped onion, a little flour. Season to taste with salt.
  5. Thoroughly rinse the rice, soak it for 120 minutes. Boil in slightly salted water.
  6. Serve the goulash with rice, sauce with carrots and onions.

Stewed potatoes with meat

  1. For preparation will need lean meat pork, Turkey or beef, carrots, onions, potatoes, sea salt, Bay leaf.
  2. Grate the carrots on a grater, onions, potatoes, meat cut into cubes.
  3. You need to cook in a slow cooker, a steamer or saucepan. Place the meat and vegetables into a container, add a little water, a Bay leaf and add a small amount of water. When cooking in a slow cooker the water is not needed.
  4. Time cooking on average 45 minutes. Depends on the size of pieces of meat.

How to quickly restore the figure after childbirth at home

A balanced diet will help lose weight a young nursing mother. To remove belly fat after giving birth, need to do sports, do exercises is an effective way to lose weight. To do the exercises carefully because stress severely hampered the healing of the uterus, tears. Even with light, successful childbirth to start training young lactating mothers is possible after 7 weeks. If you start earlier than six weeks, may disrupt the healing process of lactation.

Remove postpartum belly

On belly, all young mothers after childbirth should be understood that the Crick has taken 9 months, do not count that they will return to the previous state quickly. It may take up to 6 months, and the rate of weight loss depends on first, whether it is a child less 13 kg gained during pregnancy, are you breastfeeding. Physical activity in pregnancy will help you reduce stomach faster. For toning the abdominal muscles, weight loss young mothers need to do:

  • twisting the drill press, perform 15-20 times in one go;
  • gluteal bridge – lie on the floor, bend your knees, lift the pelvis up, straining buttocks and stomach;
  • direct lift spins lying – like twisting, but the load falls more on the lower back, strengthens back muscles;
  • exercise «plank» is a great static exercise for training all the abdominal muscles, back, shoulders and hips.

Gymnastics in the morning

The best start for young nursing mothers who want to lose extra pounds, will be the use of different options of exercises based on Pilates, yoga and meditation. These practices can transform the shape at any stage, they have a beneficial effect not only on external but also on the internal state of the person. Especially useful will be the struggle of training with the stress that will inevitably occur after childbirth. Plus these techniques – they are easily done at home by yourself. This will give you the opportunity to save money and be a young mother near the child.

Fitness breastfeeding

Young mothers after childbirth get physical activity in everyday life. The hassle and the constant buzz around the baby is also a kind of exercise that burn calories. Daily walks with the baby in the «kangaroo» – full gymnastics for young mothers after childbirth, with noticeable strain on the back muscles, abdomen. Natural increase in «operating weight» with the growth of the baby. During the festivities young mothers after childbirth to strengthen the thighs, stomach and flanks. If you can’t wait to get back in the gym, then you should observe the following recommendations:

  1. During and after pregnancy for new mothers helpful the pool, he recommended while breastfeeding.
  2. In the gym all exercises should be performed without weights. Working with weights can cause the formation of lactic acid, which will give an unpleasant taste breast milk.
  3. Young mother prohibited any aerobic activity: running, classical aerobics, step, etc. During the execution of cardio lost a lot of liquid, which is harmful for the organism in the period of breastfeeding.
  4. Avoid any exercises in which it is likely to injure the chest.
  5. When performing movements in which hesitates and shakes Breasts use a special bra that supports her.

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Olga, 23 years: I Read that for weight loss after childbirth can drink a special tea, but such recommendations have raised doubts. Can breast milk go bad! Young mothers after childbirth need time to stop and grow to absorb all the food that is in the apartment. It’s hard to hold back, but this is the best way to reduce weight.

Elena, 20 years: Before the birth I was very slim, and during the pregnancy gained a decent weight. Wanted immediately to go on a diet to remove belly fat, but my parents dissuaded. A young mother after childbirth needs to eat properly to breastfeed. Make yourself special salads, I cook rice and meat. In 3 months I lost 5 kg. will Soon return to their previous shape, I’ll be a slim young mother.

Irina, 25 years: For the period of pregnancy, I gained 10 lbs. After giving birth I realized that you need to reduce weight, remove belly fat. Refused flour, fried, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, cook the meat for a couple. Helps yoga at home for young mothers. 2 months dropped 4 kg, continue to reduce weight.

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