How to lose weight in the abdomen a woman and a man at home

The issue that disturbs many – body fat on the abdomen and waist. For men «beer belly» becomes an essential attribute of the seasoned master. Women are more likely to think about how to lose weight in the abdominal area. The female body is designed so that on the belly fat accumulates less. The girls often fattening thighs or buttocks. To burn fat on the waist women easier. Girls with type figure «pear» or «hourglass» we only need some adjustments to the diet, and «Apple» to draw up a programme of sports training.

How to reduce fat from belly at home

Girls are easier to get rid of belly fat than to reduce your hips or pump feet. However, losing weight requires a long work. A few days of the hunger strike is unlikely to solve the problem. To lose weight in the stomach, will have to rebuild a way of life. It is not excluded that the extra weight is gone, when you begin to regularly walk for several hours and stop eating high-calorie foods.

In addition, women, who are concerned about belly fat, you need to check the level of the hormones. This is especially true for those whose belly began to gain weight after giving birth. It is possible that the lack of waist will have to decide medical means. So visit gynecologist and endocrinologist every year, so as not to leave chance to the problem.

Exercises for fat burning

Women will help to lose weight Hiking. If you exercise in a gym, choose the treadmill and the ellipsoid. The training aimed to how to lose weight in the abdominal area, it is necessary to start with cardio:

  • slow running;
  • classes Bicycle;
  • jumping rope;
  • swimming.

Cardio should last at least 30-40 minutes. Under these conditions, the body has time to burn the energy (carbohydrates), which received a day with food, and begins to draw strength for the workout of fat. So burn up fats. Prolonged aerobic exercise facilitate to remove excess fluid from the body and improve skin condition, prevent sagging abdomen.

Exercise for weight loss belly sides and better to start, when the first visible results of cardio. Not all women know known the drill press, if it performs full, may result in the conversion of belly fat in muscle mass. Waist circumference is reduced. For weight loss stomach better to choose aerobics, yoga or gymnastics.

Set of exercises for weight loss in the abdominal area:

  1. Lie down, bend your legs. Hands to rest on the floor behind the head. Lift hips as if trying to stand on «the bridge». Repeat 10 times.
  2. Stand still. Perform the slopes: forward, backward, right and left. Feet shoulder width apart. Repeat 20-30 times.
  3. Lie down, straighten legs. Lift the legs 10-15 cm and perform their swings toward each other. Your movement should resemble a pair of scissors. Repeat 10-20 times.

Exerciser for stomach and waist

Girls who do not attend the gym, can buy special machines to do exercise for weight loss belly and sides. The most famous and effective – gymnastic Hoop:

  1. Women who want to lose weight in your waist, it is better to buy a metal Hoop (with balls massage).
  2. Twist the Hoop twice a day for 10-15 minutes.

Another well-known trainer for belly – rotating disk (called «disk health» or the outdoor circle for the waist):

  1. Stand on it, arms bend at the elbows.
  2. Perform the rotation to the right and to the left so that the feet were fixed to push the body need belly.
  3. This will help to lose weight abdomen and to tighten the waist. Training – 15-20 minutes.

Swimming for weight loss

Experts believe that swimming is more useful for burning calories than running. When swimming work all the muscles of the body, not just legs. Therefore, women who think how to lose weight in the belly area, and love the water, lucky. Swim up the style you usual. Alternating the techniques gives better results: try one lap to swim breaststroke, the next – on the back. Try to make the activity at least 30-40 minutes. Do not rush: to burn belly and waist fat is healthier to swim in a comfortable pace.

Diet for a flat stomach

If fat deposition is a result of overeating, it is possible to achieve a flat belly and thin waist girls help Express diet. Within three to seven days build diet only one product. The result is a slimming of the abdomen up to 4 kg. It can be such a mono-diet for a week:

  • kefir;
  • buckwheat;
  • Apple;
  • grapefruit;
  • rice.

To forget about the problem and belly fat deposits on the waist, it is necessary to correct the diet. The term «beer belly» did not come from without – from beer belly is growing very quickly, so the beer should be discarded first. Not less harmful and beer snacks:

  • fried cheese balls;
  • squid rings;
  • fries;
  • chicken wings.

In addition, girls need to reduce the consumption of white flour products, white bread, buns, rolls and pasta. Should limit consumption of potatoes – it contains a lot of carbohydrates and starches that cause weight gain. Bad sugar – you should make a habit of drinking unsweetened tea and coffee, limit consumption of sweets. If you really want a sweet, eat dried fruits – dried apricots and prunes help to improve digestion.

All meat dishes should be baked in the oven, boiled or steamed with minimal salt. Limit your intake of fried foods, but if something is fried, do not pour the oil and gently smear the pan with a brush. Good slimming waist and abdomen will diet, based on:

  • plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • low-fat fish;
  • chicken breast and beef.

Breakfast sandwiches instead of fried and try to eat oatmeal – this will start the bowels and give the necessary amount of carbohydrates. For weight loss in the abdominal area try to eat fractional: four-five meals at intervals of two to three hours. Eat in small portions. Drink plenty of purified water: up to 2 liters per day.

Folk remedies weight loss

The girls who have a little extra pounds, you want to only lightly sanded the contours of the body and to tone up figures. You can help folk remedies for weight loss in the stomach:

  1. The morning fasting drink a glass of pure water with lemon juice. Better before charging for half an hour before Breakfast.
  2. This will speed up the metabolism and make fats burn faster.

Effective method is simply to suck in her stomach. A lot of women do, trying to appear slimmer. But we should not forget about muscle memory: if pull the stomach and to monitor the posture all day, the body will remember this pose. Constant tension of the abdominal muscles also burns calories. A similar tool is long lying on a completely flat surface. Lie down on hard mattress or on the floor, without a pillow, pull your hands behind your head. In this position the stomach will be hollow. Lie down for at least an hour – again the body remembers the new contours the waist.

How to get rid of belly fat man

Though modern tendencies have made «daddy’s tummy» even fashionable, many men are still watching the body. Besides, the extra weight for them is even more dangerous: obesity may lead to impotence (round the belly can simply leave you to enjoy sex). The men current the same prescription and women:

  • disclaimer of beer, flour and sweet;
  • supplementing the diet with fresh vegetables and lean meat.

After cardio (treadmill training) men are encouraged to visit the steam – bath helps remove toxins from the body. Men are quite able to combine several types of loads, such as an hour running and an hour of swimming. During class you should drink a lot of water. Before training it is useful to eat grapefruit or pineapple – these fruits will help break down fats in the abdomen.

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Anna, 35 years: I began to put on weight after the second cesarean section. Simple restrictions on food didn’t help. Beginning daily work on a treadmill, in the summer swimming in the lake. For the year managed to shed ten lbs. it Turned out that it even special, physical fun!

Irina, 47 years: for a Long time I thought I was your weight after childbirth as a necessary evil. And then I got bored. I overhauled my diet, started counting calories. I go to metro on foot. Itself lost weight, lost 15 pounds, and along with her husband and daughter were accustomed to.

Sergey, 42 years: Among men the belly like usual: who’s a bundle of nerves, one from the corn belt. And I had a young lovely woman. A slim girl, I’m on her fat. In bed a lot of inconvenience… got myself together, joined a gym to lose weight. Difficult, but I already buy pants a size smaller, I feel like a young man.

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