Burnt sugar cough in children: a recipe, the benefits and harms

The punch – natural the traditional way, inherited from our grandmothers, is still widely used as a folk medicine, especially to treat irritation of the respiratory tract in children. Often used as an auxiliary method of dealing with pharyngitis. Using as burnt sugar treat cough, can easily cope with irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Folk remedy does not require complicated preparation, and the children are happy to drink the punch in solid form (lozenges) or liquid (milk or warm water).

How to use burnt sugar for cough

You should start with the fact that the cough exists either dry or wet – this irritation of the respiratory tract suffers from a large number of people. If the cough is dry, this indicates bronchitis, tracheitis or laryngitis. If sputum expectoration is present, it means that respiratory system get rid of germs and mucus. The main aspect in the treatment of cough is necessary to convert it from dry to wet, what a good job of burnt sugar. Often it is used as candies, sometimes melted add the sugar mixed with warm milk.

The benefits and harms

Parents don’t always trust people’s therapy and use modern chemical medicines – pills, liquid medicines, syrups, lozenges or sprays. But long-term experience of crispy Cappucino showed that the positive effect of its use is evident in the shortest possible time. A few days after you start taking the sugar melted, the health of the child improves, sore throat decreases, and the mucus is easy to cough up. The punch will come in handy at the first appearance of dry cough – at this point you should start to use it.

There are no such medicines that have no side effects or contraindications. The punch is no exception, and too carried away by this means the doctors do not advise, especially children. Exceeded the concentration of glucose in the blood is harmful to all organs and systems of the human body. Also the use of burnt sugar cough is strongly not recommended for people suffering from diabetes. Among other negative effects sweet medicine is a bad influence on the condition of the teeth and shape.


Easiest way to cook burnt sugar in the form of candy:

  1. To do this, take a cast iron skillet and add a few tablespoons of refined sugar.
  2. Will rascality bowl and then add 200 grams of water.
  3. Stirring constantly, bring the mixture to form a dark caramel brown shade but not burn through.
  4. As soon as the remedy of dry cough is cooked, pour the contents of the pot in a shallow dish, grease it with butter.
  5. If the punch were prepared for a child, then in the process of hardening it is necessary to stick a match or toothpick to make a sort of Lollipop.

How to treat cough in children and adults

To use the prepared punch must be strictly on a particular method. To avoid the negative effects, kids medication, you must use no more than three times a day for a five-day course. Adults can use the punch more often, but the most effective method to cure irritation of the respiratory system is to dissolve the toasted sugar in milk and drink in the morning or at night warmed up slightly during the week.

Can I drink during pregnancy

Burnt sugar helps to eliminate dry cough during pregnancy without harm to health. Doctors often prescribe it as an adjunct for the treatment of respiratory diseases. The medicine is absolutely harmless if used in any trimester, so a pregnant woman can not worry about the health of the baby. However, to avoid complications before use you should consult a doctor for advice.

The recipes for cough

If you don’t know how to make expectorants from sugar alone, useful recipes will help you in this uncomplicated fact. The drug from crispy Cappucino with ease relieves cough in a short time. This tool is completely safe for both adults and children. Find out what folk prescription cough based on burnt sugar the best fit for you and your child.


Anna, 32 years: once my child racked with a bout of cough, I use an old recipe of my grandmother – candy of burnt sugar. This tool must be used when only the beginning of the disease. The little wife is good for curing coughs – just a couple of days normalizes the respiratory tract. I advise everyone to take this tasty and useful tool!

Oleg, 27 years: I have heard that many use burnt sugar to get rid of the cough. This way I don’t trust – it is better to drink a special syrup, appointed by the doctor. Me in the childhood he never helped, so I am so skeptical about such folk medicine.

Olga, 40 years: Burnt sugar cough I treat not only children, but also our entire family. This excellent tool helps to remove unpleasant sensations and discomfort in the throat. I can advise a quick way of cooking at home: dissolve the sugar on the spoon and heat it over the burner – just little effort to make do not need.

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