Folk treatment of pressure ulcers in the home: an effective means

Even the most conscientious and thorough care for immobile patients is not always helps prevent the appearance of bedsores. Therapeutic measures in these patients must be carried out at the first symptoms of changing skin. Could not be better suited for this folk treatment of pressure ulcers in the home. It is widely used for mild or moderate skin lesions. How are bedsores, what it is, what tools are best suited for their treatment?

Than treating pressure ulcers in bedridden patients and the elderly at home

Pressure ulcer is necrotic portions of tissue that are formed due to circulation problems. Often this phenomenon affects elderly, but disease process may occur and the child has, for a long time on bedrest due to disease. Bedsores can affect different areas of the body, but are more vulnerable to the sacrum, coccyx, heel, back, buttocks. They are able to provoke such dangerous complications or diseases, such as gangrene, septicemia, erysipelas. What to treat bed sores at home?

Treatment of pressure sores ointment

In the initial stages of lesions the use of ointments may be contraindicated because they may provoke the formation of wet necrosis. However, existing necrotic lesions or weeping wounds with purulent discharge without the use of antibacterial ointments is not enough. A physician may be administered to a patient such drugs in the form of ointments, as:

  • «Levosin» – has antimicrobial, wound healing, local anesthetic action.
  • «Iruksol» – has antibacterial, wound-healing effect.
  • «Levomekol» – provides antibacterial action, improves tissue regeneration.

Cream diaper rash

Inflammatory lesions of the skin in the form of diaper rash striking in inguinal, gluteal, and axillary folds, the area under the Breasts. If they do not pass after cleansing and air baths, used to treat cream for diaper rash in adults: «Bepanten» or «Drapolen». At the stage of healing can be used cream from bedsores for bedridden patients with a silver content of «needs argosulgan».


In the treatment of bedsores can be used as drugs for external treatment and medication for oral administration. They promote the rapid healing of wounds, improving the effect of the application of ointments. The most popular product in this category is «Actovegin»:

  1. It is available not only in the form of gel, cream and ointment, but in pill form.
  2. Their technique provides an increase in metabolism and tissue regeneration.

Folk remedies from the sores

Along with appointed ointments and gels to treat the affected areas is possible by means of traditional medicine. However, these should be used only as an auxiliary method, and in consultation with the doctor. Self diagnose based on photos on the Internet is unacceptable. In the national treatment of pressure ulcers in the home used to available recipes:

  • Herbal tea for washing wounds, appliques, wipe the skin: 2 tablespoons of herbs (celandine, sage, birch leaves, St. John’s wort), pour a glass of boiling water, to insist 1 hour.
  • Healing from bruises, vodka with a shampoo, prepared as follows: mix 1 teaspoon of vodka and shampoo, add 1 tablet of dipyrone and streptocid crushed to powder. Lubricate the wound 2-3 times a day.
  • The agent for the prevention of pressure ulcers – ointment from marigold flowers. Crush the flowers of calendula officinalis and mix it with vaseline in the ratio 1:5. Apply to the skin 2 times a day.
  • Funds to accelerate healing of pressure sores – lotions with sea buckthorn oil, rosehip oil and tea tree, the leaves of Kalanchoe.

Features of treatment of bedsores

Drug therapy and application of the national treatment of pressure ulcers in the home give good results, however, using these or other drugs and prescriptions. Many products perfectly solve the problem of pressure ulcers, if applied properly, but in some cases treating them a certain area of the skin is impossible.

Diaper rash under the Breasts

Treatment of diaper rash in women the breast is lotions with boric acid, zinc cream. To apply any funds necessary gradually, avoiding excessive hydration of the skin. The affected area can be cleaned with a decoction of:

  • sage leaves;
  • Valerian root.

On the coccyx

To prevent the development of necrotic process, the patient should be placed on anti-bedsore mattress or turning every 2 to 3 hours to normalize blood circulation. As wound healing agents are allowed to use:

  • sea buckthorn oil;
  • ointment «Levosin» and «Solcoseryl».

On the heels

Treatment of ulcers or necrotic lesions on the heels is performed using wound dressings with drugs «Derinat», «aktovegin». Before overlaying the skin it is recommended to clean boiled water with baby soap, and then rinse with saline.


Closed dressings with diaper rash do not overlap. It is very important to conduct regular air baths, the skin should be dry. Diaper rash in groin in men and women treated with the use of:

  • baby powder;
  • decoctions of chamomile, St. John’s wort and oak bark;
  • zinc ointments.

Between the toes

Intertrigo between the toes eliminated by frequent washing of the folds of warm, soapy water and subsequent antiseptic treatment – a weak solution of potassium permanganate or furatsilina. In addition, there may be used talc and drying the zinc ointment.

On the buttocks

Use for lubrication of defeats the iodine or the «greenery» you can’t, because they greatly irritate the skin, and this prevents the healing of wounds. Treatment of pressure sores is performed using:

  • antibacterial ointments;
  • camphor alcohol;
  • dressings with wound healing agents.

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Andrew, 39 years: his mother after hip fracture and long-term treatment formed bedsores. To treat folk remedies the doctor allowed. Appointed tumbling, cleaning the wound of pus, impose bandage with «Levomecol». From ulcers managed to get rid of. Now for the prevention use a special mattress, rubbing alcohol, massage.

Svetlana, 45 years: For the treatment of pressure ulcers used linen sheets, special wound dressings «Ketoprak» spray «Bepanten» ointment with silver. When the wound began to heal, oiled pine oil. Realized it in time, so cured quickly, to contact surgeons we didn’t have.

Olga, 56 years: Long time did not know how to cure bedsores from her husband. On the advice of friends tried to make anti-bedsore ointment from alcohol, mixed with egg white. From the first week of use appeared to improve, after a couple weeks it went.

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