Signs of stroke in women, symptoms of stroke and first aid

Physical, hormonal, emotional women’s features contribute to the fact that violations of cerebral circulation occur with certain differences. Signs of stroke in women are often atypical, unconventional, initial symptoms of trudnootdelema from migraine, the disease is more severe, mortality higher. Woman who have suffered a stroke, and rarely returns to his former mode of life, employment.

Types of stroke

The morphological differences to classify ischemic strokes that occur due to cessation of the blood supply of a brain region in the area of occlusion, and hemorrhagic, caused intracerebral hemorrhage. For women more typical of ischemic strokes. Pathogenetic background – essential hypertension, atherosclerosis, increased activity of the coagulation factors of the blood, inflammatory lesions of cerebral arteries.


A frequent reason for cessation of blood supply to the brain – thrombosis of the arteries, which precedes the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, narrowing the vessel lumen. Possible occlusion of the artery by embolus, it happens when the valve defects, endocarditis, cardiac arrhythmias, often the signs of a stroke are combined with embolism at other sites.

Variant of thrombotic ischemic stroke occurs in women most frequently, develops speed, the symptomatic background is increasing gradually, often preceded by transient attacks. Often the signs will make their debut in the pre-dawn time, manifested by headache, numbness of the face, weakness of the limbs of one half of the body.


Gap changed due to sclerosis or inflammation of the vessel comes amid a jump in blood pressure. Extravasated blood compresses adjacent brain structures, provoking oedema, necrosis of adjacent neural tissues, may break into the ventricular system and cause death. Women suffer hemorrhagic strokes and less frequently men, however, suffer neurologic deficit worse.

Precursors of stroke, cerebral

The stroke implies ischemia of the brain due to poor blood circulation, gradually resulting in the necrosis of neural structures. Signs of pratincola in women with increased emotional activity, vary. Harbingers of disease develop inner tension, nervousness, anxiety, next, join dizziness, noises, headache, numbness of the upper lip or other areas of the face, tingling, decreased sensitivity.

The main signs of stroke and stroke in women

Area of brain ischemia determines the characteristics of an emerging stroke in women. Parietal localization of the lesion will be manifested by an asymmetric facial expression (crooked smile), drooping of the corner of his mouth, ptosis of the lower eyelid, deviation of the tongue, weakness of the limbs on one side of the body. Signs of involvement of temporal lobe – impaired speech, severe forgetfulness, agraphia (a grown man loses his writing skills).

Signs of a pathological process other parts of the brain become difficulty swallowing, inaccurate motor coordination, involuntary urination, defecation. Impaired consciousness in ischemic stroke have various degree of severity. Light signs are limited to drowsiness, the detachment of women, the average degree of impairment manifested by shortness of contact, stupor. Common stroke is fraught with the development of stupor, coma cerebral.

The first signs of stroke is hemorrhagic in nature is increasing rapidly, the woman may lose consciousness immediately, in a moment of compromising the integrity of the vessel and started bleeding. Severe cases are complicated by deep cerebral coma, breakthrough bleeding in the ventricles of the brain death emergency threatens. Other symptoms is immobility, impaired vision, speech, coordination. Atony of the facial muscles sometimes leads to a masklike expression, like the woman in the photo with fresh eyes.

First aid to the patient

The appearance of early signs of cerebral circulation requires immediate emergency care. Call the Manager must give important information about how a stroke manifests itself. The injured woman needed to give a comfortable position (reclining), promoting free breathing, placing a large cushion or erecting dorsal cushion of blankets, plaid. Release buckles, belt, clothing, provide fresh air.

It is important to record how much pressure was in stroke to visit the doctor. If it is high – try to reduce the drugs, which a woman took earlier. In the absence of medication self medication to choose, to limit warming foot warmer, hot-water bottle. To provide assistance should quietly, avoiding the hustle, keeping the patient mentally. Arrived the doctor clearly explained the signs of the disease.

Diagnosis of the disease

Early hospitalization and exact diagnosis can save lives, improve the prognosis of stroke in women. The examination reveals outward signs of the disease, an instrumental study clarifies the type, location, prevalence of cerebral lesion. Must the exclusion of other pathologies with similar symptoms (brain tumor, overdose of drugs, some kinds of poisoning).

Computer imaging and magnetic resonance imaging are performed to identify foci of hemorrhage or necrosis, determining the condition of vessels, any sign of a recurrent stroke in women. Diagnostic methods differ, the choice of the study makes an expert is based on the period of hospitalization, major neurological signs.

Functional diagnostics attracts echoencephalography, echocardiography for the detection of thrombi and vegetations on the walls of the heart chambers, valves. Laboratory tests should include coagulation, since a stroke often develops on the background of improvement of indicators of blood coagulation. The level of glucose and protein, biochemical tests – compulsory tests for the diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease.

Methods of prevention

To prevent poor circulation of the brain in women will allow knowledge of background pathology contributing to the development of the disease. The greatest attention should be paid to arterial pressure, increased which is a sign of approaching trouble, significantly increase the risk of brain damage. Signs of cerebrovascular disease in women often develop diabetes mellitus, so it is important to periodically monitor the level of glucose in the blood.

Cerebral hemorrhage can occur in women with a pregnancy complicated by eclampsia. To prevent disease through regular observation, treatment by a gynecologist. Another dangerous symptom, more frequent in women – excess weight. To normalize the weight is very important because impaired fat metabolism increases in blood pressure, a tendency to develop diabetes, increase in blood viscosity, risk of blood clots, blockage of blood vessels.

Women, able to overcome difficulties and satisfied with the work, life, personal relationships, suffer from stroke often, then as severe anxiety, exaggerated the importance of emerging issues, the lack of a positive attitude, frequent depression alter the physical parameters of the body, worsen the prognosis of cerebrovascular disease.

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