Styling long hair: how to do curls at home

Stranded big curls on the rollers, straight irons or even casually gathered in a bun at the nape, long hair does not only add charm, charisma, but also give a surprising scope for creativity. They can lay dozens of different ways, each day creating a new image. It’s not necessary to acquire an Arsenal of professional tools complete a minimum of brush, Curling iron, hair iron, hair-brush and hairpins. What is it, gorgeous styling on long hair? What hairstyle is relevant in 2016?

Fashionable hairstyles for long hair 2016 season

Actual for this period, stylists are called absolute naturalness. No intricate styling, asymmetrical cuts or extending strands! Keep thick, healthy, hair should be clean and well groomed. The perfect formula – maximum care and a minimum of styling products! Perfect hairstyle is the one that did the minutes and is suited to your hair type. You should not torture thick straight strands with a Curling iron in an attempt to achieve luxurious curls or hours to straighten utjuzhkom stubborn rings – let your hair be yourself.

Absolutely no bells and whistles, however, has not done. Stylish, fashionable in this season will create:

  • thick bangs, which descends below the brow and a bit covering the eye;
  • a perfectly smooth instrument, held in the middle of the head or, on the contrary, in his ear;
  • haircut cascade, through which you can update the tips by storing the length;
  • the Association of different types of stacking in one hairstyle, you will look great combination of smoothness at the roots with splendor closer to the tips of the curls or short strands to long, smooth hair.

Simple styling flowing hair

Contrary to the popular belief, styling long hair takes no more time than fixing the short. A quality haircut from a professional masters will guarantee that the tips will easily take the desired shape, and daily care will make the curls manageable. Washed hair can be dried in the dryer or let them dry on their own, pre-plated in a sloppy braid, screwed into large curlers (do not worry about the future of fixation of curls – effect raspolzshiesya styling now in Vogue). Current and proposed options below.

Curls in the style of Hollywood divas

The name of pathetic, but nothing complicated like this hairstyle not. Lay curls on long hair the envy of any glamorous Hollywood star able to every girl. The easiest way is to put them on large curlers and dry it under a stream of hot air or to give them a chance to dry yourself. Don’t be afraid to slightly dishevel the curls – go over them with a comb with rare teeth and slightly shake your fingers at the base. Wrap hair away from the face, otherwise the curls will be childish to frame it, a natural image will not work.

Straight hair

Perfect straight long hair – elegant, very simple solution for daily gatherings with friends in a cafe, hours of shopping and even spent outside the office meeting for work. They are easy to collect in the tail, and then, if necessary, to dissolve: the hair will not lose shape. This style for long hair involves using a flat iron: they need to process each strand. Best of all this option hairstyles for long hair when it looks perfectly straight trimmed the ends and the same perfectly straight parting.

With a focus on details

To attract the attention of not only all hair, but some of its elements. Here the main thing – correctly to place accents. For example, to visually open face, gathering the loose strands at the temples and catching them on the back of the head with a hair clip. If you want to add the image a touch of mystery, and time for full styling on long hair no, lay with the help of Curling iron or flat iron curls to the side, and the rest collect in the tail, catching the gum or cementing the pin.

Easy hairstyles with their hands every day

Beautiful three-dimensional styling, even the most easy to implement, requires time and effort, which are not always available. How to style long hair at home, when you need to look flawlessly, as before, remain a matter of minutes? Come to the aid of time-tested hairstyles – simple, universal, absolute win-win.

Office option

To collect long hair in a pony tail, it only takes two or three minutes. The result, however, may exceed expectations at times:

  • Neat and tidy result, if a little smooth at the roots of growing short hairs with gel or foam.
  • Afraid to seem too strict and boring? Make from parts collected for long hair by Curling a few curls and straighten them with your fingers. Particularly impressive with this styling for long hair will look thick bangs medium length.
  • If you have day-to-day to confirm his / her professional competence and expertise in the men’s team, women’s charm will not catch, stop your choice on the beam. It shouldn’t be difficult: gathered in a ponytail hair lay around them tightening elastics, lock pins. It should not seek to impeccable smoothness. On the contrary, a few stray thin strands will be very appropriate.
  • When after work you will have a meeting with friends or a romantic evening, gather your hair into a roll. This hairstyle looks simply business, but decorated with an elegant barrette or several beautifully designed studs, immediately turns into a highlight of the festive images. Divide the hair into three parts by longitudinal lines from front to back. Lateral strand twist inwards toward the middle of the back of the head, secure with Bobby pins. The middle part of the screw in a neat cushion, the ends of the hair inside collect the resulting roll. Again fix her hair.

Everyday braids and weave

The simple way modest Russian beauty you can diversify and enrich. Weave braid not in the usual direction – from top to bottom and from the right side to the left. To do this, divide your hair into three parts by an oblique line and gradually platite them one to another. Looks nice on long hair and French braid. Step-by-step her weave is not difficult:

  1. Divide the hair into three parts by horizontal lines.
  2. The top third split into three parts, start to braid them in the usual way, gradually pulling in the netting one-by-one curl on each side.

Evening hairstyles for long hair at home

What to do if the evening be a celebration, and the time or the opportunity to enroll to the master in professional styling not? You should not abandon the idea to spend time. Evening hair the envy of many you can build yourself. Trend maximum naturalness in this case you. You can gather strands or effectively dissolve them. Before a blow-dry, apply a small amount of neutralizing solution.

In the Greek style

Smooth wave, like one or two of the accessory – the basis of the Greek style, because it is so important to make the curls as naturally as possible. You can screw them into large curlers or collapse in flagella and dry it with a hair dryer or Ironing. Gather your hair at the temples, and fasten with tiny bows, decorate the head band or wear a headband to match the dress – it’s time to try on light, airy Greek way! Prefer the collected hair? Braid side curls in light braids, secure them. Then put a regular roll, decorate the top of the head rim.

With the use of decorative elements

Even the usual styling diffuser for long hair might look festive and stylish, if you know how to use the accessories. Sloppy, slightly disheveled roll in combination with the finest mesh Golden color attached on top of the head, will help to create the image of a mysterious Oriental beauty. Equally looks attractive French braid, in which the hammer flowers or interwoven silver thread. Even freely raised up Hollywood curls will sparkle differently, if you decorate the rim of the head with the major elements or to pin a big flower on the side.

How to make packing on curly hair

Childlike touches all the whorls, except their owners, who know first-hand how difficult it is to cope with curls. But even such unruly hair feature can be turned to their advantage, creating a variety of images. If you’ve always wanted bangs, but was afraid of the difficulties of her styling – boldly cut! And the longer it is, the better. Looks great the combination of the flat iron straightened bangs with unruly curls. Experts recommend to dry curly hair with a diffuser – so curls will be better to keep the shape.

Video: how romantic to style long hair for wedding hairstyles

The bride on the wedding day you want to show itself in all its glory, to be the true ornament of the occasion and the jewel for holiday photos. Hairstyle should be to the whole image. Many ladies lay out a round sum for wedding styling, not knowing what to do they can on their own, without the help of the wizard. The video given below step by step tells us how to put long hair in a romantic updo. To Shine on your own wedding is possible without excessive waste of money and effort!

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