Exercise for weight loss Dr. Bubnovsky: effective complex

The problem of excess weight is not only external effects on humans. Fat people are harder to walk, to exercise any activity against obesity can develop low back pain, hypertension, pain in knees, lower back, hip joint. To cope with these problems will help specially designed exercises for weight loss Dr. Bubnovsky. The author himself calls them the methodology of kinesitherapy for therapeutic effect for musculoskeletal chronic diseases after or during the postoperative period.

How to do exercises Machines to lose weight at home

The author, himself a doctor and went through the fight with disease of the spine, has developed a set of exercises based on known aerobic exercises from Pilates, yoga. This is different exercises to lose weight at home in that it is adapted to people with problems of the musculoskeletal system. The program consists of 20 major variants of exercises. To perform Bubnovsky uses a MTB simulator, which is adapted to them.

The projectile has an impressive size, so it is used in the halls. You can find exercise equipment for home Machines which are specially reduced in size. The functionality of this model slightly reduced, but efficiency is still high. For example, you can do this training plan with the help of MTB:

  1. Fasten the bottom rope to one leg. Stand at the counter exactly, grasp her hands. Follow a regular foot backward or forward, without bending your back. On each leg, perform 30-50 swings. When pain in the back of the activity should be abandoned.
  2. Exercise for back of the thigh. Position – on the floor, belly down, head in the opposite direction from the machine. Secure the cuff on one leg. Bend your knee to touch heel to buttock. Repeat 20-30 times on each leg.
  3. Exercise for the abs. Lie on the floor back down at a distance of 1 meter from the rack. Secure using the cable cuff to the upper block to both legs. Do crunches, pulling your knees to your chest.
  4. Exercise for the shoulder girdle. The exercise is called «pullover». Lie on your back head to the front, to the rope attach the handle. Grasp it so the hands were straightened, and perform movement from head to pelvis without bending the elbows.

System workout Machines in addition to weight reduction helps to overcome pain during the exercises. Features mechanics of movement reduce the risk of injury during exercise. You will be able to gradually increase the amplitude, which is useful for the development of the joints, accelerate blood circulation. Overweight people often find it hard to keep your posture and technique to withstand exercise in precision. Exercises on Bubnovskiy would sufficiently strengthen a muscular corset, to move into more serious workouts and effective weight loss.

Variations of these exercises very much. The functionality of the simulator allows you to do different modifications of the same movements. They are all aimed at strengthening the muscles. In compliance with high heart rate they have the effect of weight loss. If you have no opportunity to use the simulator Machines you can do other training equipment at home.

On the ball

This shell provides the ability to perform extensive training complex, but the most popular it to always remain spinal exercises on the fitball. The specific situation of the mechanics and movements help strengthen back muscles, abdominal muscles, lower back, without a strong load on the spine. With weight loss is very important to explore the abdomen to accentuate the waist and make press flat. Using the exercise ball, you can do the exercises on Bubnovskiy:

  1. Lie on the fitball face down, hands and feet are touching the floor. Lift them up, then two arms or legs simultaneously, balancing on the ball.
  2. Rifts on the ball. Move with hands up until the thigh is on the ball. In the same way in the opposite direction until the projectile will not appear under the rib cage.
  3. Rifts on the back. Similarly to the above exercise perform the movement on the back.
  4. Hyperextension. The best exercise to train the lumbar. Lie on the ball so that it rested against the thigh. Feet better to cling to the sofa or something sustainable. Raise the torso up until then, until it forms a straight line with the legs.
  5. Squats. The ball used in this case instead of the bench. Make sure that your knees do not go for socks.

Arm exercises with dumbbells for women

The main objective of the workout arms with dumbbells or kettlebells for women – to strengthen shoulders. To do this you need 3 exercises: lifts front of him, to the side, pull to the chin. All three strengthen the joint and train the deltoid muscle. Different flexion biceps and triceps extensions don’t need girls to not make the hands massive. Exercises on Bubnovskiy’s shoulders as follows:

  1. Rises in front of him. Feet shoulder width apart, keep your back straight, in hand a dumbbell, elbow slightly bent. In this slightly bent position raises the dumbbell to eye level and slowly lower. Repeat 10-15 times.
  2. Climb to the side. Smooth hands, while simultaneously spreading them to the sides to shoulder level. Do not allow rocking of the hull, it needs to be fixed. Repeat 10-15 times.
  3. Pull to the chin. Starting position as in the first exercise. Pulls hand to the chin, using the shoulder joint and flexing the elbow. Enable the biceps cannot

With an elastic ribbon or band

Bubnovsky technique involves the use of elastic tape or bands, if you don’t have the simulator. The shells-analogues that can replace each other in most cases. Among the exercises to lose weight of doctor Bubnovskiy are known to all the athletes movement. The difference is that they are usually sitting or lying down. This helps to reduce the axial load on knee joints, back and lower back.

The expander has a low cost, so it can use almost all in-home trainings. It is a few tight springs and fastened handles on both sides. Elastic tape has a similar design, but used springs instead of rubber cloth. The shells are identical in principle to the application, and therefore training them is the same. You can perform these exercise for weight loss back on Bubnovsky:

  1. Thrust into his belt. Secure the ribbon or band to something stable on one side. Second end take both hands and using the back muscles to pull the belt. Repeat 8-15 times.
  2. This exercise is similar to pull – UPS wide grip. Fasten the expander to the ceiling, stand on one knee. Pull with your lats arm to his chest.
  3. Take the ends of the expander in the hands and feet stand on the middle of the tape, so that the cloth «simulator» was a stretch. The torso should be tilted. Unbend your body in the back. The expander needs to stretch and provide resistance, which can strain the muscles of the lower back.

Video: how to do exercise for weight loss

Effective weight loss depends on many factors, among which: healthy diet, recovery is rapid metabolism, exercise. Last overweight people are extremely hard due to the natural load on the musculoskeletal system. Therapeutic exercise program for weight loss Dr. Bubnovsky will help to strengthen muscles, lose weight and improve the health of every person. Below is a video of the training complex.

For the spine and back

For belly and sides


Gymnastics for beginners


Cyril, 34 years

Have long suffered from excess weight. Exercise was never my favorite subject, and that was the reason for the poor metabolism, back pain, knees. I was given the advice to start the recovery of the body and treated by Machines. His system is a perfect fit for me. I was able to start active training and experience no discomfort.

Olga, 29 years old

Weight finally drove me to the complexes, I stopped to put my new photos. Also started to hurt my neck and back. Decided to try a set of classes from the Professor Bubnovsky. Managed to lose 6 pounds in a month and a half. Simultaneously adhere to low-carb diets since the boot days.

Elena, 35 years old

I’m using Bubnovsky technique for the recovery of the back. Weight problem I have. Exercise is perfectly adapted for people with problems of the spine and knees. The simulator MTB never used, but dumbbells and expander. With their help regularly train at home, strengthen the back.

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