Struggling with disobedience with words

Children’s behaviour sometimes it can get even the most calm of an adult human off balance. From these lovely, pure soul beings we can lose control over himself. Why is the child getting older, no longer listen to their parents? How to deal with disobedience, unconscious vow oft repeated bad words?

Боремся при помощи слов

If a child yells at me, says rude, is to try him clearly and distinctly to explain why these words can not speak. In any case, do not grab for the belt. Because small children often don’t realize what they say, do not understand what is good and what is bad. Children are like sponges, absorbing both positive and negative information.

If the child asks you to buy him, and you refused, then it could turn into an unconscious aggression. Do not just yell at the kid and say that he this purchase did not deserve. Worth a try to calm him down. Pats on the head will help to achieve a positive effect. Tell the child that you have now a few kopecks to buy something. Or in advance agree with the child that in the store he will buy only one candy or a toy and nothing more. Children are smart enough to understand a lot of things, if you talk to them in a quiet calm atmosphere, without shouting and without absolute prohibition.

What to do if a child gives surrender or fight? Many kids with their unique nature can be unpredictable. And often the modern child is not aware that to fight, it is bad. So that’s one of his ways of expressing his displeasure. You need to try to explain why you can’t do that. For better absorption of the information the child needs to show a cartoon or tell a tale related with bad boys who fight. Fairy tale or cartoon should be instructive form. Most likely, the baby won’t have time to explain why this is bad, why not.

These tips will help parents to behave properly with a child in a certain situation. To hit a child, of course, easier, but it will not solve the problem, but will only otstroit it for some time and everything will start again. So you should think before you apply the manhandling. Each blow carries a psychological trauma for the child, and this trauma remains with him for life.

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