3 ideas for games in the bathroom

Games while swimming is one of the favorite pastimes of a toddler. Bathing the child receives positive emotions, the water has a calming effect on him. If bathing is organized properly, it is also funny and charming and gives an idea about certain things. So, what are the benefit you can play with the kid in the bathroom?

 Три идеи для игр в ванной

1. Most kids loves to draw, but adults have to limit their rushes to keep the walls, furniture and floors in order. Give your child the joy of free creativity a bath, having washed it off the paint.

For preparation of paints you will need containers, shaving foam and coloured gouache. Fill the container with shaving foam and add each bit of gouache (on each tank — one color), then mix well until uniform color.

As the canvas can be used not only bathroom walls, but also ducks, without which there is no bathing. Then toys can be fun to wash.

2. Perfect material for touch games — balls of the hydro gel. With it you can think of a lot of educational role-playing games in the bathroom. Invite a child to place the gel in different containers to pour it or make a real Maritime touch the box, using hydro gel as a filler.

Buying special toys to play with in the bathroom, choose those that will help to develop your child. Some of these toys can be, for example, to catch out of the bath smaller toys, so the baby develops concentration and attention.

3. Of snake bubbles — fun for children of any age. The delight is assured. To make such a design is very simple: from the bottles of baby water and cut off the bottom, with a rubber band, attach it to the hole a piece of cloth, such as microfiber. Instead of piece of fabric also look great with thick socks. For bubbles you can use the purchase the liquid, and is easy to do by mixing water, a means for washing dishes and glycerin.

These unusual ideas will surely make a variety of bathing your baby!

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