Parenting: the intellect or emotions

Only after a certain period of time (often quite long) we understand what are the qualities of a successful person. And all efforts aimed at children were the most popular, intelligent and well-mannered people.

Интеллект или эмоции

Just for the sake of this child lead to many circles, which according to the plan, it will help parents to develop his mental skills and unleash the potential in the creative sector. However, it should first pay attention to the child, to consider his abilities, as well as objections and comments. Health also is a significant factor when choosing a mug. A child who has vision problems, certainly should not be given to the embroidery.

The child’s temperament also plays a big role when attending additional classes and sections: hot-headed will probably not like chess or checkers, the melancholic does not like football. Initially, you need to look at the baby. A restless child can learn while playing chess concentration, slow football will develop the child’s quick response.

As a rule, classes for children of preschool age and children younger classes are directed and solves certain problems (the development of motor skills, acquisition of communication skills and so on). But visit circles are unlikely to affect a future occupational choice of the child. If your kid is gifted and has, for example, a unique voice or hearing, to send him to music school still stands. This could be the start of my musical career.

If the child still feebly inclined to any activity, then concentrate on emotional development, which will help them become open-minded, communicative, optimistic. These qualities will help you become the successful young person.

It is important to have a high level of emotional intelligence in the age of communications, have the ability to monitor and understand their own feelings. The development of the intellect of the child on an emotional level happens in any activity where there is communication (such as group courses in foreign languages, sports clubs and the like).

Individual classes (for example, tutoring) can be fruitful on a qualitative level. They will be useful to the child at a later age, when he will learn in high school. In this age, man is already able to choose their own directions in creative and intellectual areas that most interest him.

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