How to make holiday fridge

Many gardeners are not comfortable using the storage legkopodwijnaya products — meat, dairy and fish. In the absence of electricity in the house and sometimes the house (at the initial stage of construction), there is no way to use a household fridge. In this case, you can use a homemade, quite simple to manufacture refrigerating devices.

Самодельный холодильник под землей


Underground fridge

The refrigerator under the ground is good because it preserves during all seasons sufficient to preserve products temperature — minus from mild in winter to +10-15 in the summer.

How to do? In the shaded area (on the North side of the barn or behind bushes) dig a pit of such depth, to fit the plastic barrel. The depth and width of pit, make more in diameter and height 15-20 cm for adding sand. Otherwise, the barrel will bulge out of the ground in the spring.

The sand on the bottom to shed water and tamped, insert the barrel and the gaps between the walls gradually fall asleep, constantly ramming and wetting the sand cushion. The neck needs a little barrel rise.

Горловина бочки возвышается

Primitive fridge is almost ready. Very carefully fit the cover to the inside not infiltrated by moisture, and especially not crawling insects.

So the barrel is not heated by the sun, or, conversely, freezing in winter, on the cover throw cushion, made from solid white polyethylene, stuffed with sawdust. Very practical to use cloth from an old banner.

So it was convenient to get food, they are placed in bags with long ribbons attached to the neck of the tank and, as necessary, raise-lower inside the tank.

Так выглядит подземный холодильник в разрезе

The positive aspect will be the safety of your products in the absence of owners in the country, as thieves are unlikely to look for sources of food and alcoholic beverages outside the home.

Fridge with water cooling

Make it very simple. In a large container (basin of water) I put the pot with lid and cover with a white, Leko-absorbent thin cloth (towel). Due to continuous water evaporation from the tissue in the tank will always be on OS 10. This emcot (tank, bucket) will be your refrigerator.

Important: to place this primitive refrigerator need for strong draughts or next to install the fan.

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