How to survive the first year after marriage?

The first year of marriage is very complicated. And this is quite natural. Family experience not to give a gift at the wedding: it is purchased from year to year. You have to know and learn many new things that were previously unknown. But before the new training is to get tips and follow them.

Как "выжить" первый год после заключения брака?

Tip # 1. Learn to consult. Before solving any question with regards to your married life be sure to check with the spouse. Not worth asking for advice from friends or parents. During the discussion of questions of your family follow these simple rules: explain how you want to do in this situation; let your words sound like a suggestion, not a firm decision; be sure to ask the opinion of other, and do not forget to respect his decision; not make any decisions «on the sly»; always inform about his decision.

Tip # 2. Learn to be tactful. It is possible that you are accustomed to adhere to their point of view and never change it, because it was inherent in you in the education since childhood. But this is wrong: you should learn flexibility and tact. Of course, your persistence is necessary for nobody and inappropriate, and to be tactful — be able to do in all difficult and intractable situation delicately, not touching the other. If you begin to feel that your loved one is beginning to annoy and enrage, just imagine in his place the chief. Because with it you will not allow yourself to raise your voice and rude to say. Your companion deserves respect and tact on your part, even if he is in any way wrong.

Tip # 3. Difficulties. At the beginning of your lives together the way a husband can be a bit clumsy to be the head of the family and the wife sometimes, not always tactful. Show tact in relation to each other, even if one of you is wrong and want to make a mistake. It takes some time to learn and to continue to make mistakes. If you decide jointly any issues, solve them, and do not try to fix the character of another. Do not make the deficiencies of each other to show off, better pay attention to themselves.

To save your marriage is very hard to destroy and quite simple. Of course, to fall and get up you will not once, but as you know, we all make mistakes and learn from them. Some time passes and you learn everything (especially if you are going to feel the support of each other). Also don’t lose your sense of humor, after all, over some of its failures however can be a joke.

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