Children to sleep, parents — to think

The transition from summer vacation to fall education concerns must be accompanied by special parental attention.

Детям - спать, родителям - думать

Sun and sea baths, yard and computer games, midnight bedtimes and rise of the midday – all of this goes along with summer. Nature and civilization allocate common enough transition time. Parents are quite ready for the school year, children involved in the restructuring. And if an important study cases many nurses, of sleep, of course, smaller.
Sleep, sleep, sleep
To adjust the mode of the day is no easy task. First of all, it is mutual. Adults have to remember that child all summer «did nothing» and «slept a lot». But if he accustomed to get up early, and «no problem». The student will have to put up with an early rise and an equally early, but evening, the compulsion to sleep. All together easier to accept the school regime the challenge than numerous internal conflicts.

Quality of sleep affects concentration and mood. It is directly related to the formation of the relationship of a pupil to the educational work. More than a quarter of high school students fell asleep in lessons at least once during the year. The situation is aggravated by changing supply and sporting needs of the growing organism.
Sleep, communication, electronics
A serious conversation needs to take place about the TV and such electronic means of communication, as cell phone and personal computer. No one can diminish their educational significance, the beneficial stimulation of the brain. But the artificial light of screens inhibits the hormone responsible for inducing sleep.
More than half of adolescents 13 to 17 years allocate the last hour before bedtime on the e-mails and audio-visual communication with peers. They really need to maintain an ongoing and multifaceted interpersonal relations. Many feel obliged to respond to signs and posts.

It is hard to recommend the only acceptable way to teach young friends to get answers after sleep. Patience and perseverance will perform here the first helpers.

The need for sleep is individual, but in any case, depending on age and school workload nighttime sleep duration ranging from 11 to 8 hours. One criterion – the child has to Wake up fresh. Experts recommend early homework, the exception coffee, energy and carbonated drinks in the evenings. Girls will undoubtedly look better, and boys will become strong and courageous, if you just learn how to sleep.

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