The problem of domestic violence

No matter how sad to realize, but to be closer to the heart people sometimes quite dangerous. According to statistics, every fourth family is characterized by aggressive behavior of all or some of its members.

 Проблема насилия в семье

Known from an early age the phrase «My house – my fortress» in the age of frequent revisions, and the meaning it flows away from people who suffer humiliation and beatings under our own roof. Who is prone to domestic violence?

Usually these are people with internal emotional problems, low self-esteem, shattered psyche, which transcends his own impulsive emotions. As you know, from the work of the brain depends directly on the mood and emotional background, thus, family aggression may indicate serious violations in the nervous system.
From the point of view of the classics of psychology and psychoanalysis, human behavior is formed in early childhood, and emotional trauma at a tender age, will certainly affect the behavior of an adult.
There are several types of domestic violence. One of the most common was psychological: coercion, intimidation, threats, blackmail and verbal abuse. The difference between this type of violence is that it is difficult to identify and does not cause physical damage, replacing it is no less ill – moral. Often psychological violence is manifested in the relationship of parents with children, in which the child has reduced self-esteem, and there is a ground for the education of serious mental illness.
Physical violence involves an assault of various degrees and strength from significant blows to the slaps and cuffs, which exacerbate the tenderness relations in the family and provide moral and often physical suffering.
Other kinds – emotional, sexual, economic – are the result arising from two main noted above.
Combating domestic violence is a natural response to a breach of trust, but there are cases when the scared and mentally depressed people are unable to ask for help. Specially for such cases around the world created by community, which helps to declare yourself a person suffering from previously close friends. Volunteers, scientists and lawyers around the world call victims of domestic violence to seek help from human rights organizations, with a lot of experience of solving such problems and helping humiliated and offended people once again feel loved and appreciated.

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