Smile from advertising, or How to achieve dental health

Of course, we all dream of a beautiful smile, which we see every day in commercials. But how to achieve such results if there is no money for expensive treatments at the dentist or just time for a visit?

Улыбка из рекламы или как добиться здоровья зубов

Here come to the aid of folk remedies. But then again, before you follow the advice and collect the recipes, you need to weigh the pros and cons. The advantages include the fact that herbs are natural and good helper of the body. They are better accepted by the body and have fewer side effects than chemically created drugs. And, of course, cheaper. On the downside, the wrong understanding of the people themselves. Herbs in this case are a good medium also help speed up the recovery process. But they do not eliminate the problem. And as a result, turn to the experts when it gets bad and even the experts can hardly resolve the problem. It is also dangerous to self-medicate because of herbs there are contraindications and dosage.

Consider a few of the oral problems and ways of their elimination.

  • Halitosis, for example, you can eliminate mix a spoonful of lemon balm with a glass of water and broth to rinse your mouth. You can also chew on a lemon peel, in addition to a pleasant scent it also will enhance the blood vessels in the body will receive the vitamins. But after chewing her need to spit out.
  • To prevent caries it is useful to eat the walnuts, rinse the mouth with decoction of chamomile. Although these funds and do not guarantee that you will not have tooth decay, they significantly reduce this probability.
  • If you have sensitive teeth or weak gums, it is useful to do so-called bath of decoction of oak bark. Or mouth rinse with a solution of Cup of water and three drops of tea tree oil. But it should be remembered that for bleeding gums you need to see a doctor, and not to look for popular ways to eliminate the bleeding. As this can lead to serious and adverse consequences.
  • If an unexpected situation and you run out of toothpaste, you can use activated charcoal, cut it as tooth powder. But no need to abuse them, so long as the use is bad for tooth enamel.
  • Whiten teeth also can, with the help of baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. But such methods attenuate the enamel. Why dentists against such interference. This procedure should only be performed by specialists, otherwise you can harm yourself and your teeth.

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