How to protect eyelashes from falling out

The problem of lash loss is familiar to many women. It is considered so common that beauticians have long devised methods to strengthen and stimulate eyelash growth. However, they are based on castor or olive oil.

Как защитить ресницы от выпадения

Eyelashes, like other hair on the body, have their cycles of growth and development. If they fall, then recover 5-8 weeks. Causes of hair loss can be genetic factors and health problems. But if that’s secure, and you continue to lose precious lashes, will give you advice how to strengthen and stimulate their growth. They are applicable even in the home.

  • When removing makeup it is important to follow some rules. Women often treat the lashes quite dramatically when washed shadow and mascara with the help of special tools. Just show a little tenderness, restraint, does not pull, do not pull on eyelashes. It will help you save some of them that fall out from rough treatment.
  • Try not to RUB your eyes when you Wake up in the morning. This habit leads to the fact that there will be cuts on some lashes, and then they will break or fall out.
  • Three times a week apply on the lashes of olive oil. A drop of oil onto a cotton pad and gently sweep over lashes. Do not rinse it for several minutes.
  • If you use Curling curler, proceed carefully. Don’t get too close to pull up the eyelashes when using the mascara brush. Lashes are very gentle creatures. Try to curl your eyelashes only in the extreme case, do it before will cause the ink. This cosmetic product dries hairs and they become more brittle.
  • It is important to regularly use a moisturizing eye cream that helps protect the eyelash growth line from dryness. If the tool is used at night, it will moisturize the lashes and make them stronger.
  • The stronger eyelashes fall out, the more important it is to choose a quality mascara. For example, a water resistant variant is more difficult to wash away, in time to hand it back. Use waterproof mascara only when going to the pool or risk of rain.
  • For individually most appropriate course of vitamins b and A, they not only protect health but also strengthen and accelerate the growth of eyelashes.
  • When you wash your hair, get a shampoo or conditioner for the hair falling on the eyes. It is difficult to assume, what chemicals make it brittle eyelashes.

If these tips will not help you, contact your specialist for additional guidance. But, you may need to undergo a medical examination.

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