Competent care for skin

Our face is a reflection of youth and beauty, and everyday care to hide all the natural or emerging disadvantages. Each body is as individual as your skin, so choosing means and methods, need to consider the type and age of skin.

 Грамотный уход за кожей лица

The skin may be:

· normal: no acne, the skin smooth and moist;

· bold: strong luster, pimples;

· dry: the main symptom is peeling;

· combination: high gloss are only certain places.


Environment, sweat and makeup clog the pores and allow to breathe the face in a proper way, so regardless of age and skin type must be carefully to purify it. You must also use a well-chosen remedy. This can be a means for cleaning and removing makeup, lotions and more. Without additional costs you can use home remedies: vegetable oil, sour cream; all the usual washed it with the warm water.


Every woman at least 2-3 times a month should afford to do a full wipe of the skin. These procedures may be done not only in the salon but at home.


After any procedure it is necessary to tone the skin. You can do this daily exercise, regularly causing tonic to the face morning and evening. But not every person can afford to purchase high-quality, expensive tonics, so you can replace it with home remedies, one of which is ice. Also can be steamed pharmacy herbs, pour into molds and freeze, it will not only help to tone the skin, but also to provide it with the necessary vitamins, nutrients, improve blood circulation and to make rumyanosti.


After all procedures required to moisturize the skin. You can use special moisturizing creams, gels. You can do moisturizing mask, store-bought or made at home. To apply them in accordance with your skin type:

1. Oily skin. This type of skin requires a good cleaning, and washing with cold water. People with oily skin is to undergo a medical examination as a malfunction of organs or infection can be the causes of fat.

2. Dry skin. You should avoid using soap. Careful hydration and the use of special creams.

3. Combination skin. Use liquid soap with salt, gently massage the resulting mass, and then rinse it with cool water.

Watch out for face – youth and beauty will be provided.

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