Hack about space with their hands

In preschool and primary school children often offer to make at home crafts on a particular theme. In anticipation of the «Day of cosmonautics» the most popular topics about space.

Поделка про космос своими руками

You will need

  • — balloon;
  • — PVA glue;
  • — strands of medium thickness white;
  • — paint (blue and green);
  • — the wire;
  • — a roll of paper towels;
  • — colored paper;
  • — take-up reel from the tape;
  • — a pair of scissors.


1. Inflate the balloon so that its diameter was about 20 cm. Coat the ball with glue. In a bowl, pour glue, put it in the thread (need to be soaked with glue).
Lightly squeeze the strands and gently wrap their balloon so that they almost completely cover it without gaps. Leave blank for days in a warm ventilated area to glue is dry.

2. Gently pierce the balloon and remove the thread from the ball (hook it in the hole with the hook and pull). Glue the blank to the reel of tape (it is better to use super-glue).
Paint a white ball of green and blue paint so that it looks similar to the planet Earth (seen from space).
Paint in any color on request reel itself.

3. Take a piece of wire with a length of about 70-80 centimeters, one end tape two or three times around the bobbin, Hanks trying to make as close as possible to the Orb (required for the attachment of the wire was less visible).

4. From rolls left over from paper towels, cut a piece of length from 7 to 10 centimeters. On colored paper of red color draw a triangle with sides of 7 × 7 × 14 cm, vestigate it, twist into a cone and glue. Glue the workpiece to one of the round sides of the bale.
On colored paper green or blue color, draw a rectangle whose length is equal to the length cut off the roll (base rocket) and a width of 12-15 inches. Vestigate shape, coat it with glue and glue roll.
On the red paper draw three circles with a diameter of one centimeter and three rectangle with sides of 4×3 inches, all wastegate.
Circles glue to the base of the rocket under each other (they will mimic the portholes of the rocket), rectangles, fold in half lengthwise and glue, leaving only the most extreme glued on a couple of millimeters. Fold the pasted edge of the paper, RUB glue on them and glue it to the bottom of the rocket in a circle at the same distance from each other.

5. Glue manufactured the rocket in the free end of the wire. Bend the wire in a direction so that the rocket looked away from the DIY «earth».

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