How to make a money talisman

Every nation has their money talisman. The Slavs hung over the door of a horseshoe, and the Chinese buy a frog with three legs and a coin in his mouth. But the value is not only subject, but also its energy. The mascot attracted money and improved the financial situation of the owner, it must be done by hand.

Как сделать денежный талисман

A talisman can be made of stones, wood, coins, candles or thread. For example, to sew myself a bag of money.

How to make a money bag?

To craft it you will need fabric, green thread and ribbon, coins, eucalyptus oil, petals of daisies or roses. First, sew a small pouch. The need to use only green thread, because this color symbolizes financial prosperity.

Every coin lubricated oil and put it in a bag, there also pour the petals. You can also put a sprig of cedar or walnut. Tie the bag with ribbon and hang over the door or a clock.

How to charge the talisman with energy?

To money amulet really attracted to money, it has to be properly recharged. The easiest way is the power of his mind. When you make an amulet, constantly think about your desire or a large amount of money, then every day for several weeks, hold the talisman in his hands.

The waxing Moon helps to charge the talisman. It should be put under the light of the moon, which will bring the power of the amulet and will increase its capacity.

How to choose a bill for a mascot?

If you have no time to do the money bags, the mascot can be easy to find. This may be a banknote, preferably of large denomination. Pay attention to the serial number of banknotes. Series must coincide with the first letters of your first name and last name or first name and patronymic. And the number’s last two digits of your year of birth. For example, if you were born in 1985 then you need to look for 85.

Once you find the right bill, keep it in a safe place and never spend. It is a powerful talisman that will attract cash flow and help you in your career.

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