What books to read to a child 1-2 years

Psychologists say that to begin to teach the child to read as early as possible. Even toddlers love when they read books.

Какие книжки читать ребенку 1-2 лет

Toddlers 1-2 years of age prefer to listen to a short rhyming works. They may not understand the meaning of poems, but they like the sound of rhymes. The best option would be a small baby poems, e.g., poems Agnes Barto in the series «Toys» and variety of «nursery rhymes».

Like kids and short tales, such as «Turnip», «Teremok», «mitten», «Gingerbread man».

Interested in children and books about animals. The kid can highlight a single animal, such as Fox, and other animals depicted in the book, just ignore. The child will be flipping pages in search of exactly chanterelles and finding it, excited. Such interest of the child can use to expand his horizons. Tell him where the Fox lives, what it eats and behaves. Thus you will begin to shape the child’s interest in books.

It is very important that the baby book contained a lot of bright and clear illustrations. They should be simple, without many small and colorful details. Reading the book, be sure to show the child characters, drawn in the pictures. If your child is interested in image, can be briefly distracted from the reading and discuss with the child what he sees in the picture («Who is this? Bun? And who is this? Bunny? Where’s the Bunny ears?»).

It is important that the tale was «the happy ending». Tales of bad end contribute to the formation of various fears in the child. Therefore, in some cases final artworks you can think of yourself. For example, after reading a poem Barto «Bunny threw hostess…», tell us how the Bunny picked up another girl, and he left to live with her. Telling the tale «Kolobok» think different «happy» version of the ending, in which the Gingerbread man managed to trick Fox and escape.

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