How to decorate eggs for Easter with your own hands

The main decorations Easter table are cottage cheese Easter, Easter cakes and, of course, colorful Easter eggs. Variants of decoration of eggs to the most awaited holiday of the spring there is a great variety.

Как украсить яйца на Пасху своими руками

You will need

  • food dyes;
  • film for decorating eggs;
  • — gouache (or stickers in the form of an eye);
  • — wipes;
  • — glue;
  • — eggs;
  • — clothespins;
  • — the brush.


1. Decorate eggs for Easter at home
Boil eggs until cooked. Take several bowls and place in a glass of hot water in each bowl dissolve the packet of food coloring (dyes take different colors). Linen rope is cut into pieces one meter, place them in the bowl of bright water. When the water cools down, remove the rope, to dry them.
We now proceed to the decoration of eggs: take an egg and a pointed part, apply a bit of glue and glue one of the ends of the rope. Gently wrap the rope all the egg in a spiral, trying to do the coils as close as possible to each other. Glue the other end of the rope to the egg.
Cut one of the ropes into segments of 5-10 cm and glue them to the rope wrapped egg in the form of any patterns like flowers, stars, hearts, swirls, etc.
Just decorate the remaining eggs, each time taking as a basis the ropes of the new colors.

2. Decorate eggs for Easter for kids
Boil the eggs. Dissolve in different bowls dyes and place them in the eggs at least an hour. Painted eggs wipe off the water.
Using gouache paint on each egg, draw the eyes, nose and mouth, and to make funny faces. If you draw you things are not good, then you can buy in the store, the office of the appropriate stickers (eyes, lips, noses, etc.) and use them to decorate eggs.

3. Decorate eggs for Easter with children
On the eve of Easter in almost every shop sells special films, intended for decorating the eggs. Buy some favourite and together with children try to decorate their eggs.
Boil desired number of eggs. Film cut into the desired pieces, then place the eggs in the resulting film-pockets. Boil the water and pour it into a wide basin. Carefully place eggs in the water for five to seven seconds. Decorated eggs with spoons to fish out of the water and wipe off.

4. Decorate eggs for Easter napkins
Boil eggs in onion skins (they will get Burgundy color). Pick beautiful napkins, for example, with flowers, fold them as triangles. Wrap each egg with a cloth, the ends of the napkin clip clothespins. Decorated in a similar way, eggs do not need to stand.
It should be noted that instead of clothespins, you can use linen rope, or bright ribbons.

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