Pain during sexual intercourse

Pain during sex can occur among young girls and experienced ladies. As a rule, most not drawn with this problem to the gynecologist.

Боль во время полового акта

One of the reasons for pain during sex may be unsuitable posture for girls. Thus, pain occurs every time you use a particular pose. In this case you just need to talk with your partner about changing the pose.

One of the frightening thoughts of pain may occur when defloration. In this case, do not think that the loss of virginity entails unbearable pain. Of course, the discomfort occurs during the first sexual intercourse, but most importantly — you need not be afraid, rasslabitsya and fully trust the partner.

The pain may occur with this disease, as vulvitis. This happens when you try the vagina due to the fact that the mucous membrane is inflamed. If the pain occurs directly inside the vagina during intercourse, you should think of this disease, as obesity. No matter in which area there is pain, it is necessary will address to the gynecologist and get tested for STDs.

Pain can occur when the allocation of insufficient lubrication. This can happen because of the reluctance to be intimate with a partner or fear of getting pregnant.

Also the reason may be hormonal imbalance. It often occurs after pregnancy or while using hormonal drugs. In such cases it is better to consult with a specialist. In all other cases you should use special intimate gel, which is sold in the pharmacy.

Before making the decision to choose the treatment, you must consult a doctor.

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