How to decide whether to remove the fibroids

Diagnosis of uterine fibroids or scaring leiomyoma every woman, especially if the doctor says it is necessary to remove the fibroids. Of course, the decision to remove or not to remove the fibroid takes the woman together with physician. But you can’t always trust the doctor one hundred percent and want to make sure that surgery.

Как понять, нужно ли удалять миому

Most of the myomas removed is not required, but there are circumstances when removal is recommended or necessary.

Sometimes you have to decide to remove the fibroids or the uterus. In this case first of all has the age. Women of reproductive age, the uterus is removed only in emergency situations. At menopause fibroids rarely removed, and if there are serious indications removes the uterus entirely.

When deciding about the need for surgery in the first place take into account complaints — excessive bleeding, especially in the middle of the menstrual cycle most often are the absolute indication for removal. Severe pain, bleeding and fever — the symptoms of necrosis of the host, it is indication for emergency surgery. Often nodes, even a small size can put pressure on other organs, e.g. the bladder, and cause permanent pain. In this case, it is advised to remove the fibroids.

If the fibroids don’t interfere, watching its size and location. Recommend delete nodes more than 4 cm, regardless of location and complaints. If you are planning a pregnancy, the fibroid must be removed, it can grow during pregnancy and this will complicate its course. Especially dangerous are the nodes on the legs located in the neck of the uterus and distorting the uterine cavity. Fibroids on a stalk dangerous high risk of necrosis and twisting of the leg. During the deformation of the cavity and the cervical location of the fibroids may be causing infertility. If the fibroids are multiple, but the nodes are small (2-3 cm), most often surgery is not needed.

In other cases, enough to be observed at the doctor and do an ultrasound every 3-6 months, on a 5-7 day cycle. If the rise does not help, drug therapy, surgery is recommended. With the rapid growth (a few centimeters per month) may require urgent removal. If the fibroids will not grow, you will be able to live her life and give birth to healthy children.

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