Snoring and ways to treat

If someone in the family snores — this problem affects all loved ones (sometimes including the neighbors), because sometimes the noise level is 80 decibels! This noise is comparable to the volume of the vacuum cleaner running, which is hardly a positive impact on the mental health of those around the snorer people.

Храп - беда и храпуна и его близких

For some reason it is believed that the snoring person himself does not feel any discomfort from the night emits a loud glissando, but this is a misconception. Let us first understand what snoring is.

Dangerous snoring

Snoring is the vibration of the relaxed muscles of the throat, soft palate and tongue, which occurs by inhalation of the next breath.

And suffer from it not only close to the snoring, but he himself, because of the overlapping throat his breath for a few seconds interrupted. So is 300 — 500 times during the night! A so-called obstructive sleep apnea, when tissues and organs have a chronic lack of oxygen.

People almost not getting enough sleep, feeling tired, loss of memory, constant unexplained irritation.

As for relatives snoring family member, here an explanation about the harmful effects of excessive snoring — sometimes it comes to divorce and separation.

Causes of snoring

The causes of snoring a lot. Among the most common include:

  • the weakening of the muscles of the larynx due to the General aging of a person, lowering the tone of all muscles of the body, including in the area of the vocal cords;
  • relaxation of the larynx and palate after drinking alcohol or sleeping pills;
  • obesity, because of which the throat begins to squeeze the excess mass of fat;
  • inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat due to acute respiratory infections and rhinitis;
  • extreme physical fatigue and protracted insomnia.

Methods of treatment

Depending on what causes the manifestation of snore, find methods of dealing with it.

1. If the snoring is caused by weakening of the muscle tone of the larynx, spend their regular exercise.

Quite effective is the singing for 30 minutes a day. The vocals should be meaningful, that is, when singing strain all the muscle groups of the throat and tongue.

Similar action have training exercises language muscles. The language of most push forward and then pull inside of the mouth, tensing the tongue root. Repeat 30 times 2-3 times a day for months.

Conduct regular exercises that strengthen the muscles of the neck, throat and shoulders, turning his head left and right, and tilting up and down. Repeat 15 times in each direction.

2. Stop the use of alcohol and sleeping pills.

3. Don’t drink before bedtime caffeinated drinks and milk, not eating dinner oily and meat dishes.

4. 4 hours before bedtime instilled into both nostrils, drop by drop any one of the oils: unrefined olive, peach or sea buckthorn to attenuate the mucous and relieving edema. At the same time it would be good to gargle with the same oil (1 tsp)

5. At bedtime, rinse the throat infusion of oak bark and calendula (1 tbsp. l. grass pour 2 cups boiling water, insist under the lid for 30 minutes). The tool increases the muscle tone of the throat and quickly relieves inflammation.

6. At night drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice of cabbage with a teaspoon of honey.

7. Lift the headboard of the bed, placing her front leg bars with a height of 15-20 cm.

If snoring cannot win with the above-named funds, it may be due to the anatomical features of the larynx. Then can come the scalpel of a doctor or modern physiotherapeutic equipment — laser and grouppart.




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