Basic care for strawberries in the spring

So plenty to feast on in summer large fragrant berries of strawberry in the spring is to give her a bit of care and attention.

Весенний уход за клубникой очень важен

You will need

  • 1. Pruner
  • 2. The compost (humus)
  • 3. Fertilizer mineral
  • 4. The drug is Topaz (or potassium permanganate)
  • 5. Mulch material (straw, black cover spunbond )
  • 6. Chopper (flat)
  • 7. The Drug Fitosporin
  • 8. The Drug Is Anti-Mite


1. Inspect the strawberry patch. If some of the plants died (no one living buds) please remove them.
If some bushes squeezed up zaglubit them, but gently to «heart» (Central Bud) was not underground.

Не заглубляйте "сердечко" у клубники

2. Shears cut all the brown leaves and burn them. Do not use the rake (neither conventional nor fan) — you can randomly snatch poorly rooted shrubs.

3. Scatter a bed of mineral fertilizers at the rate of 50 g per sq. m. Use specialized fertilizer «For strawberries (for strawberries)» or complex (nitrophoska).
Can be used alone urea (50 g/sq. m), double superphosphate (40 g /sq. m.) and potassium nitrate (or potassium sulfate) 30 g/sqm

4. Will podrujit carefully hoe the top soil layer, remembering that the strawberries superficial location of the roots and are easily damaged. At the same time you will close up fertilizers deep into the soil.

5. Over mulch a garden bed with compost or humus (2-3 cm), falling asleep is not the «hearts» of the bushes.

6. Carefully sprinkle the strawberries with a solution of Topaz from powdery mildew (2 ml per 10 liters of water). At the same time a solution you can add any acaricide (against mites drug), for example Anti-mite (10 ml per 10 liters of water).
When processing try to get the composition on the inner surface of the leaves and on the ground under the strawberry.

7. Alternatively, the Topaz, you can use a solution of potassium permanganate in boiling water. Do rich pink solution and pour it into the watering can. Podgotovlennoi liquid spill (necessarily via the divider watering can) bushes and the soil around.
Don’t worry about what the plant would be scalded. After passing through the overflow in the lake and in contact with the cooler air, the boiling water has cooled just to the required 65 ° C, the strawberries.

8. If the weather is dry with good spill freely.

9. In early may (or mid, depending on the weather), when the earth has warmed, lay on top of the beds a mulch bed of straw, dried lawn grass.

Мульча из соломы - самая лучшая

10. Don’t forget plenty of water plantation with strawberries, it does not tolerate drought.

11. In mid-may treat strawberries the drug fitosporin (as per instructions) to prevent rot.
Repeat treatment in early June.

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