Tablets from worms to humans and the best drugs to prevent

Currently investigated about 80 species of parasites which affect humans from the inside. At different ages the body is exposed to different types of worms. They are divided into groups: trematodes, cestodes, nematodes. The group and the species are assigned to parasite tablets from worms to humans directed action. From worms – ascarids, Giardia or pinworms – give «Neosol, Pyrantel, Vermoxum». Find out what antipatia drugs are prescribed in groups.

Medicines from worms

Every ill a remedy for worms is prescribed by the physician according to individual indications. Modern pharmaceutical industry offers medications wide effects – sedative. Developed by means of a directional spectrum (protivozastojnye). For example, a synthetic anthelmintic effective for removal of helminths and overall cleansing of the body. Drugs with a narrow specialty affects a specific type of parasites.

What pills is better from worms to humans, depends on the type of infection and the type of worms that has infected his body. Main groups of drugs:

  1. Protivozastojnye – for the treatment of intestinal and extraintestinal forms of helminthiasis. Their action is aimed at destroying tapeworms. Among the most effective it is possible to allocate «Niclosamide», «Albendazole». Sometimes it is also prescribed Allergy drugs.
  2. Protivopolozhnye tablets – if the patient with this diagnosis as intestinal nematodes. Popular anthelmintic in this group: «Levamisole», «Bethenia hydroxynaphthoate», «Piperazine», extraintestinal forms – «Diethylcarbamazine citrate» or «Ivermectin».
  3. Protivorevmaticalkie drugs for removing these types of parasites like flukes. If infection intestinal form, prescribed «Perchloroethylene», extraintestinal type «Bithionol».

Antiparasitic drugs of broad-spectrum of people

Figuring out how to get worms in humans, experts are guided by individual indications and symptoms of the patient, not giving generic advice. Self-treatment of such illnesses is unacceptable and dangerous – it is important to remember. The greatest opportunity different anthelmintic drugs used to eliminate worm infestation.

These drugs prevent the reproduction of parasites, with the violation of their internal metabolic processes. Through their application can quickly and effectively get rid of this problem. The most popular drugs of this group: «Vermox», «Pyrantel», «Mebendazole». Allowed to take them strictly according to instructions, because each drug has several contraindications and age restrictions.

Features popular drug «Vermoxum»:

  1. An effective and modern tool, similar to «Mebendazole».
  2. Appointed in diseases such as trichuriasis, enterobiasis and taeniasis.
  3. Contraindicated in pregnancy, breastfeeding, problems with liver and gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Taken once in a dose of 100 mg. children over the age of two years prescribed half. (Some forms of disease require a three-day treatment).
  5. The price of the drug is 90-100 p.

For children

Preparations from worms children should give careful. Be guided in this matter by advice unacceptably, you need a professional inspection. For the analyses, the doctor will prescribe treatment, taking into account parasite species and the form of the disease, possible side effects. Before the beginning of anthelminthic therapy children are natural oils, sometimes pills «Allohol» (hepatoprotector).

Doctors prescribe «Pyrantel», because it:

  1. Safe medicine for worms for children.
  2. Helps at detection of cilostamide or roundworm.
  3. Individually take on doctor’s advice (taking into account age, growing up, a child’s weight). One-time dose of 125 mg to 1 g.
  4. The price of the drug starts from 20 p.

For adults

Ask how and when you take one of the frequently prescribed remedies. Features of the drug for adults «Albendazole»:

  1. Tablets from worms for an adult person, broad-spectrum.
  2. Are appointed upon detection of neurocysticercosis, opisthorchiasis, mixed type of helminth infections, enterobiasis, and other infections.
  3. Drink the remedy once, a dosage of 400-800 mg (under the physical indications of the patient, type of disease, form of course).
  4. The price of the drug is approximately 180 p.


Very known as the generic means the drug is «a Worm». This:

  1. De-worming medicine for intestinal and tissue forms of helminth diseases.
  2. Prescribed for detection of various infestations, the discovery of their larvae.
  3. Take in the amount of 0.4 grams every day. The course of treatment is 3-5 days.
  4. The price of the drug is about 60 rubles.

Tablet for prevention of worms

The risk of parasitic infection high among those people who contain allowed, in contact with the ground, often in exotic countries. To take drugs for prevention only, if one family member is sick. Children should especially careful, because they spend a lot of time in a closed room with lots of people. It is necessary to comply with the rules of personal hygiene (wash hands, not use other people’s things, etc.). You can add in your daily diet garlic and raw pumpkin seeds.

For those who are sensitive about the health of their loved ones, especially children, can drink twice a year syrup «Pyrantel». In institutions measure has become a compulsory norm, because children are very susceptible to infection, and examinations to identify the problem. Children under 6 years are able to be infected because of the lack of personal hygiene without parental coercion. So it is especially important to watch the kids.

Video about antihelminthic drugs

Those who are faced with this problem wondering how to get rid of worms pills. There is a huge choice of drugs, which are selected strictly individually. It is much easier to obtain information about the most effective antihelminthic means for solving such problems clearly. All that you need, you can read below the video.

Reviews about the parasites in the human body

Mary, 47 years: Regularly taken by a tool called «Decaris» the whole family to prevent infection of various parasitic diseases. Because of this, the appearance of the worms passes us by.

Elizabeth, 35 years: last year my daughter found a tapeworm during a medical examination. The doctor said that get infected very easily at school and the yard. Appointed «a Worm», so that problem is easily solved.

Irina, 29 years: my husband and I Went to Dominican Republic to relax. Brought home not only photos and a lot of impressions, but also some parasites. The doctor prescribed me «Albendazole», cured in a few days.

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