How to get rid of parasites in the human body folk remedies

Harmful parasites are present in the body 50% of people, most about them don’t have the slightest idea. Worms are dangerous to health, poisonous influence on the mucous membranes, tissues, organs. Everyone needs to figure out how to get rid of parasites in the human body. Their effective ways of dealing with worms offers both traditional and alternative medicine.

How to determine the presence of parasites in humans: symptoms

Any worms cannot exist on its own and feed on the resources of his «master». There are many ways to catch the virus: through the soil, utensils and household items, directly in contact with the person from whom the parasites are present, consumption of certain foods. Many believe that their main symptom is unreasonable thinness, and in fact the symptoms depends on which subspecies of parasites infested in the human body. Before you get rid of many parasites in the human body, it is necessary to determine their type.

Signs of a roundworm:

  • the body temperature rises, sometimes dramatically;
  • starts dry or wet cough;
  • on the skin rash appears;
  • trouble sleeping and grinding the teeth at night;
  • sudden attacks of severe pain on the right side;
  • appetite plummets;
  • a chair irregular, can be constipation, diarrhea.

Symptoms of the presence in the body of pinworms in the adult or child:

  • night felt itching of the anus (when running the form continues in the afternoon);
  • loss of appetite;
  • dry mouth;
  • trips to the bathroom often, sometimes false, this occurs up to six times per day;
  • headache;
  • insomnia caused by discomfort due to itching;
  • cracks, dermatitis anal region;
  • arbitrary urination at night;
  • vulvovaginitis in women as a result of contact of helminth eggs on the genitals.

Symptoms of the presence of Giardia in the human body:

  • nausea and vomiting attacks;
  • blood in the vomit;
  • at such disease as giardiasis, often there is bloating;
  • the person constantly feels tired, his head is spinning;
  • the appetite is absent;
  • disorders of the intestine;
  • cal may have inclusions of mucus and to be yellowish;
  • the skin becomes dry, pale, rash;
  • in the armpits, on the neck and sides appear red spots.

How to get rid of parasites in the body

No doubt that we need to get worms, if the analysis confirmed their presence, should not be. Cleansing the body of parasites is ensured by special medicines. Under any circumstances you cannot take them yourself, without medical prescription and control of: preparations from worms can cause severe intoxication of the organism. Will help and folk remedies for parasites in humans, which gathered positive reviews.


Such anthelmintic for humans:

  1. «Decaris». Pills levamisole kill worms in the human body and have immunomodulatory effects. Because of the pronounced side effects they can not be used without the advice of a doctor, especially children. Child up to three years, this drug cannot be given. To expel parasites, adults take one tablet after the evening meal, repeat in two weeks.
  2. «Helmintox». Contains Pyrantel. It is believed that the medication of worms, most safe, especially children. Adults to cleanse parasites from the body, is taken once after Breakfast, hoping for every kilogram of body weight to 10 mg of the drug. Tablets razzhevyvaya. Repeat the course after two or three weeks. The drug of parasites should be prescribed with caution for people with liver problems.
  3. «Vermox». Tablets from worms with mebendazole. Effective antiparasitic agent. Admission depends on which worms need to remove from the body, prescribed pills doctor.
  4. «Nematol», «Worm», «Albendazole», «Andasol». The medications active ingredient is albendazole. Rules of admission and operation against worms is the same. To eliminate the parasites adult should drink one pill while eating. Sometimes, in severe cases, the doctor prescribes a longer course of administration, and other dosage.

Funds from worms to prevent

The main purpose of any drug – antiparasitic body cleansing. Thinking about prevention, we must take the medicine for the destruction of microorganisms will be the least toxic and dangerous to health. Gentle action, for example, has a «Piperazine», but it does not kill larvae and eggs of parasites. It is better to choose those drugs for the prevention of worms, which is not shown pregnant women and children: «Gelada», «Mibex», «Madmin».

How to get parasites from the body at home

First is to say how to protect yourself from worms:

  • You need to wash your hands frequently, certainly before meals, after visiting the bathroom and returning from the street.
  • Drink boiled or bottled water. Carefully wash all products.
  • Meat, fish and poultry always bring it to full readiness for any type of heat treatment.

If you need to get rid of worms, try folk remedies. Come to the aid of onions, garlic, brandy, walnuts and pine nuts, fennel, pumpkin seeds. The list of products is extensive, use them wisely: the sharp smell of burning essential oils is contraindicated to children, like alcohol and herbal formulas are not always safe (they need to be able to brew).

Herb from worms and parasites

There are options to cure helminthiasis and cleanse parasites from your body:

  1. Triad. Mix bitter wormwood, cloves and tansy in proportions 1:2:4 mix. Tablespoon of dissolve 2 tbsp. boiling water and insist half an hour. Drink 75 ml / week (3/), to remove parasites. Put the candles for micro follow the diet.
  2. Evenly mix the cumin, calamus root, calendula, permalite in a blender. Take a teaspoon of the dry collection three times a day for a week. Will help get rid of parasites, toxins.

Cina is the seed and the seed of flax

If you do not know how to get rid of dangerous parasites in the human body, try these methods:

  1. 40 g of seed tsitvarnaya leave for 8 hours in a glass of boiling water. Do an enema, using a half Cup of the solution. Repeat the procedure 6 more days for parasites out of your system.
  2. Take 10 parts of Flaxseed meal and one clove, chop the blender. Take 25 g on the day of collection, adding it to your meals. Three days of use alternated with the same rest period. The treatment of the body from parasites is the month.
  3. For getting rid of worms tablespoon of flax seed mash, add 200 ml of boiling water, leave for a while. Drink infusion on a half-glass every time before you sit down at the table. Effective against parasites in the body also flax seed oil.

Garlic treatment of parasites

There are various options to clean the body with it:

  1. Chop the garlic, squeeze the juice. 10 drops drink milk three times a day.
  2. From itching in the anus: crush a clove of garlic, pour a glass of water, do the enemas.
  3. Take four cloves of garlic, about the same number of onions. Chop, pour warm water. Leave on for a quarter of an hour, then strain. Add the liquid and 1 tbsp of lemon juice in 2 liters of water. Do an enema after your natural bowel movements.

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