Diet of Simeons with Anat stern: menu for 40 days and course description Dr.

A woman at any age wants to look beautiful and attractive. Extra pounds decrease your confidence and cause health problems. Starvation and strenuous exercises become torture and not give proper results. After the termination of the dropped weight returns, taking with him another couple of pounds. To think thin, to get rid of this problem permanently will help latest diet Simeons with Anat stern. How to use it? You’ll find out below.

How to diet Dr. Simeons for 40 days

In the middle of last century Dr. Simeons began to offer a weight loss technique, for 40 days. Diet Dr. Simeons with Anat stern helps to get rid of 15 pounds overweight during that time. In his writings he pointed out that in humans there are three types of fats:

  • cushion between the organs;
  • depot of energy;
  • reserve for a rainy day.

The last type is located in the hips, stomach, arms. This problem places for any woman to fix that under the force of each. The successor of doctor and co-author Anat stern proposes to follow a strict regime with the addition of the HCG hormone, which is synthesized in pregnant women, activates the process of using the reserves of the human body. Counselling women, Anat stern promises fast results and assistance in obtaining medication, reducing weight (Estonian HCG). The steps of the method are presented in the table.



Features power


2-3 days

Drink plenty of natural juices, eating fruits and vegetables helps cleanse the body.


2-3 days

High-calorie diet, intake of HCG drops to prepare body to a strict diet.

20-40 days

Taking the HCG drops and strict diet (only 500 calories per day).

3 days

Mode continues, stop taking the drops.


21 day

Fixing the result of a gradual exit from the system this power, bringing the calories to 1500-1800 a day. Sugar, easy carbohydrates are contraindicated.


21 day

The gradual introduction of carbohydrates. This occurs as follows: during the first week are allowed to enter 1 product per day, the second 2, the third – any number.

Diet for weight loss in 40 days:

  • drinks in any quantity (coffee, tea, water, herbal infusions, juice of 1 lemon);
  • 100 g of protein (meat, cheese, fish);
  • a plate of vegetables (greens, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, spinach, onions);
  • fruit plate (strawberry, 1 Apple or orange, grapefruit 0,5);
  • portion of carbohydrates (40 g).

Video about diet from Anat stern

Reviews about diet on fruits

Marina, 32 years: to lose Weight in 40 days actually 15 kg, if to adhere to strict rules, including the use of small amounts of fruits and vegetables. It was hard the first week, and then retracting. Time flies, carrying away excess see

Christine, 39 years: Diet Dr. Simeons with Anat stern helped me to realize a childhood dream – to become slim. Want a quick effect, be patient, all efforts will be rewarded with amazing results.

Catherine, 43 years: after Learning from a friend about a method called «Diet for 40 days» and seeing her results, I decided to experiment. I was hungry, but I managed. Enjoy life today, because the diet on the fruit of Simeons with Anat stern saved me from parting with a loved one.

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