Hand mask anti-aging at home: effective recipes

You don’t like the look of the hands? If the skin is covered with wrinkles, become dry and nails become fragile and brittle, try folk remedies. Hand mask anti-aging at home can easily transform your appearance. Use it regularly to saturate the tired skin, restore softness and tenderness, to lighten the mood with pleasant aromas. Find a suitable recipe, and hand care will become a pleasure!

How to rejuvenate skin at home

Many women to rejuvenate the skin is to try complex therapy:

  1. Include in the diet of fish, fresh vegetables, flax seeds, nuts: they saturate the body from the inside.
  2. Reliable barrier to hazardous chemicals while cleaning the house will be gloves.
  3. Use protection before operating, and then a means to power.
  4. For the winter buy fat cream, wear gloves, use sun protection in the heat of the formulations moisturize the skin.
  5. Think about it systematically masks or baths to keep it young and glowing.

Anti-aging mask for hands and nails

With the skin with age changes occur unpleasant: loss of smoothness, wrinkles, roughness, color becomes dull. To preserve the beauty, she needs more fat and moisture. Hand masks anti-aging at home are made from natural products, provide the proper care, solving both problems: hydration and nutrition. Below are some simple recipes of masks prepared from natural ingredients.

Nutritional baths

The desired long-term effect? For these purposes it is necessary to prepare the skin, with perfectly cope warm baths for hands and nails. The mixture should be slightly hotter temperature comfortable to you. Dip the hands, gently massage them, this will help to speed up the process. After 15 minutes, finish off with a soft scrub and a rich cream. To repair hands, repeat the foot bath three times a week, the ingredients can be alternated.

Versions of the mixes:

  • a decoction of nettles (gently cleans pores, exfoliates) and calendula (treats inflammation, micro-cracks);
  • sea salt will relieve irritation, strengthen;
  • whey or milk (2 cups) – cleans the pores, lightens dark spots, reduces wrinkles;
  • the infusion of blueberries and blackberries – tightens pores, strengthens blood vessels, restores damaged cells, nourishes collagen;
  • cabbage pickle with crushed flax seeds – deep cleanses, heals dry and cracked skin, helps to soften the skin;
  • 2 liters of chamomile, 4 drops of iodine, 30 grams of any oil – hydrates, evens out skin tone, regenerates, restores elasticity, improves skin tone;
  • decoction of St. John’s wort, the leaves and berries of a cowberry – tones, reduces inflammation, helps rejuvenate the hands, the skin becomes soft and supple.

Hand cream home

Self-made cream from natural ingredients softens the skin, is well absorbed, is prepared easily. Store in the refrigerator. Recipes for youthful skin that you can use every day:

  1. Mix well the decoction of Bur marigold (teaspoon), butter (50 g), honey (a teaspoon). The cream refreshes and rejuvenates the skin, making it soft, smooth, heals wounds and cracks.
  2. Glycerin (4 tablespoons), the juice of a lemon slice, vodka (tablespoon) mix. Sprinkle crushed cereal until thick cream. The cream eliminates dryness, makes the skin soft.

Recipes efficient anti-aging masks for the care of hands at home

To hand mask at home bring more benefits follow some rules:

  1. Use fresh food.
  2. Transfer procedure if the skin is damaged.
  3. Before applying the compositions of clear varnish, use a scrub with fine particles.
  4. After applying the mixture, put on your cloth gloves and let the product at least half an hour at night, so it is better absorbed.


From lack of moisture, the skin ages and loses its smoothness and becomes dull, a feeling of tightness. Decreased elasticity, deeper wrinkles, irregularities are formed. Hand masks anti-aging at home will moisturize dry skin and relieve peeling. To save the effect permanently, apply the mixture regularly, you can alternate the recipes, to add new components.

Paraffin for hands

Paraffin treatment will restore the skin, will cure the cracks, strengthen the joints, as well as eliminate toxins. The result you will notice immediately, and to get a long-term effect, do 5-10 treatments. Before applying the paraffin mask use scrub, then a serum or cream rich in collagen. Break the paraffin into pieces, using a water bath to melt. And immediately dip your hands in the air (the fluid must be warm), repeat 7 times. Put on plastic gloves, wrap a woolen scarf or wear gloves. After 30 minutes wash off the paraffin, apply a nourishing cream.


Useful honey mixture, penetrating into the smallest pores, nourishes the skin, starts the cell renewal process, restores youthfulness and freshness. The mask is good to do for a few hours (at night). That it is well absorbed, wear gloves. The ingredients mix thoroughly:

  • egg yolk;
  • a wedge of lemon;
  • 50 g of honey;
  • olive oil 30 g

With olive oil for nails

To prevent delamination, to help strengthen your nails monounsaturated fatty acids, mineral substances and vitamins, which contains the oil. Effective mask:

  1. If you need to strengthen your nails and accelerate their growth, to massage them daily before bedtime with warm olive oil.
  2. Mix the olive oil (a tablespoon), the same amount of lemon juice, add 3 drops of iodine. Apply to clean nails after 20 minutes, wipe with a paper towel.


If the hands do not have enough vitamins, there are rough spots, small cracks, they flake, they lose elasticity. The main purpose of nourishing masks – to deliver deep into the skin the minerals and substances essential for cell renewal. Effective glycerin, whey, citrus extracts, vegetable oil, bee products, and boiled potatoes.

For hands with glycerin

Glycerin for hands will help to saturate with moisture, protect and smooth the skin. Recipes of masks based on it:

  1. Melt honey (a teaspoon will suffice), add the same amount of glycerol, starch and dilute with a mixture of herbal decoction to a thick cream.
  2. Finely chop the lemon slice, mix it with the yolk, add a small amount of glycerin and sour cream. Spread on the hands. Will rejuvenate, restore the creaminess and smoothness to the skin.

Mask for the growth of nails with lemon

To strengthen, to feed nails useful fruit acids to accelerate growth will help the lemon. Remember that it is an aggressive tool that cannot be used often, maximum once a week. For mask fit himself or lemon oils:

  1. Sprinkle in vegetable oil (a teaspoon) esters of rosemary and lemon (2 drops). RUB the mixture until absorbed into the nails.
  2. Cut the lemon in half, dip your fingers into the flesh, keep for 15 minutes. After you wash your hands and use a nourishing cream.

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