How to create a shortcut for shutdown in Windows

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In Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 there are different ways to shut down and restart the computer, the most frequently used among them — choosing «shutdown» in the start menu. However, many users prefer to create a shortcut off your desktop or laptop on the desktop, in the taskbar or anywhere else in the system. It may also be useful: How to make the timer turn off the computer.

In this tutorial details about creation of such labels, not only for shutdown but also to restart, sleep or hibernate. With the steps equally suitable and will work correctly for all recent versions of Windows.

Create shortcut shutdown computer on the desktop

In this example, the off label will be created on the desktop of Windows 10, but it can also pin to taskbar or start screen — as you prefer.

Click in the empty space of the desktop, right-click and select in context menu «New» — «Shortcut». This will open the new shortcut wizard, in which the first step is to specify the location of the object.

In Windows there is a built-in program shutdown.exe with the help of which we can shut down and restart the computer with the necessary parameters you should use in the target box of the shortcut being created.

  • shutdown-s -t 0 (zero) to turn off the computer
  • shutdown-r -t 0 — shortcut to restart your computer
  • shutdown-l for logoff

And finally, for the hibernate shortcut in the target field you should enter the following (not Shutdown): rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState 0,1,0

After entering the command, click «Next» and enter a name for the shortcut, for example, «turn Off computer» and click «Finish».

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The label is ready, however it may be reasonable to change its icon so that it mostly conformed to the action. To do this:

  • Click the right mouse button on the created shortcut and select «Properties».
  • On the Shortcut tab click «Change icon»
  • You will see a message indicating that the shutdown command contains no icons and will automatically open the icons from the file Windows System32 shell.dll, including icon-off, and the icons that will fit for action enable hibernation or reboot. But if you want you can specify a custom icon in the format .ico (you can find on the Internet).
  • Select the icon and apply the changes. Ready — now is your shortcut to shutdown or reboot looks the way you want.
  • After that, clicking on the shortcut right mouse button you can also pin it to start screen or taskbar in Windows 10 and 8, for more convenient access it by selecting the corresponding context menu item. In Windows 7 pinning a shortcut to the taskbar, just drag it with the mouse.

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