The Internet doesn’t work in Windows 10

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One of the frequent problems after upgrading to Windows 10, and also after a clean installation of the system or just install a «big» update in the OS — not the Internet, and is known to affect both wired and Wi-Fi connectivity.

In this instruction in detail on what to do if the Internet stopped working after upgrading or installing Windows 10 and about some of the common reasons for this. Equally methods suitable for those users who use final and Insider-Assembly system (the latter often face affected). Will also be the case when after the upgrade the Wi-Fi connection was «limited to no Internet access» with a yellow exclamation mark.

The guide is divided into two parts: the first lists the more common causes of loss of Internet connection after upgrade and the second after installing and reinstalling the OS. However, the methods of the second part may be suitable for cases of emergence of problems after the upgrade.

The Internet does not work after you upgrade to Windows 10 or install the updates in it

You updated to Windows 10 or install the latest updates already installed on the top ten and Internet access (wire or wifi) is missing. Below in order are the steps that should be taken in this case.

First step — check, whether all necessary protocols for Internet work in the connection properties. To do this, do the following.

  • Press Windows + R on the keyboard, type ncpa.cpl and press Enter.
  • Opens the list of connections, click the one that you use to access the Internet, right click and select «Properties».
  • Please note on the list of «components checked are used by this connection». For normal operation of the Internet should be included, as a minimum, the IP Protocol version 4. But in General, usually enabled by default complete list of protocols that also support a local home network, the transformation of computer names to IP etc.
  • If you important protocols turned off (and this happens after the upgrade), enable them and apply the connection settings.
  • Now check whether access to the Internet (assuming that the component testing showed that the protocols for some reason was really off).

    Note: if the wired Internet for multiple connections — LAN + PPPoE (broadband connection), L2TP, PPTP (VPN connection), check the protocols and for and for another connection.

    If this option does not fit (i.e. the protocols are enabled), the next highest cause of the fact that the Internet does not work after you upgrade to Windows 10 is an installed antivirus or firewall.

    That is, if before the update you had installed any third party antivirus, and you, without removing it, updated to the 10’s, this can cause problems with the Internet. These problems have been observed with software from ESET, BitDefender, Comodo (including the firewall), Avast and AVG, but I think that the list is not complete. Moreover, a simple power-off protection, as a rule, does not solve the problem with the Internet.

    The solution is to completely remove the antivirus or firewall (it is better to use the official Uninstaller from the developer’s site, read more — How to completely remove antivirus from your computer), reboot your computer or laptop, check if the Internet works and if it is already then set your anti-virus again (but you can change the antivirus, see the Best free antivirus).

    In addition to antivirus software, the same issue can cause previously installed third-party software for the VPN, if you have something similar, try removing such software from your computer, restart it and check the Internet.

    If the problem is with Wi-Fi connectivity, and after the upgrade Wi-Fi continues to connect, but it always says that connection is limited and without access to the Internet, first try the following:

  • Go to device Manager via right clicking the start.
  • Under «Network adapters», locate your Wi-Fi adapter, click the right mouse button, select «Properties».
  • On the tab «power Management» uncheck «allow the computer to turn off this device to save power» and apply settings.
  • From experience, this step usually turns out to be workable (assuming that the situation with limited connectivity through Wi-Fi arose after upgrading to Windows 10). Cm. also: Wi-Fi connection without Internet.

    If none of the above options do not fix the problem, I recommend also to read the article: Page no browser open and Skype running (even if it not connects, specified in the instruction has tips that can help you recover your Internet connection). Also they can also be helpful tips that are listed below for disabled Internet after OS installation.

    If the Internet stopped working after a clean installation or reinstall Windows 10

    If the Internet does not work immediately after installing Windows 10 on PC or laptop, then most likely the problem is caused by network card drivers or Wi-Fi adapter.

    However, some users mistakenly believe that if the device Manager shows «Device working properly», but when you try to update the driver, Windows reports that they do not need to be updated, it is just not in the drivers. However, it is not.

    The first thing we need to attend to after the system is installed with a similar problem — download the official driver for the chipset, network cards and Wi-Fi (when available). It should be done from the manufacturer’s website of your computer’s motherboard (for PCs) or from the website of the laptop manufacturer, specifically for your model (rather than using the driver-packs or «universal» driver). In this case, if on the official site there are no drivers for Windows 10, you can download and for Windows 8 or 7 in the same bitness.

    At their installation it is better to first remove the drivers that Windows 10 has set itself, to do this:

  • Go to device Manager (right click on start menu — «device Manager»).
  • Under «Network adapters» right click on the adapter right click and select «Properties».
  • On the Driver tab uninstall the existing driver.
  • Then run the previously downloaded from the official website of the driver file, it must be installed normally and if the issue was caused exactly by this factor, it should work.

    Another possible reason why the Internet may not work immediately after you reinstall Windows for it to work requires some setup, create a connection or modify existing connection, such information is almost always available on the website of the provider, make sure (especially if you first installed the OS and I don’t know if for your ISP setting up Internet).

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    For more information

    In all cases of inexplicable problems with the Internet do not forget about the Troubleshooting in the Windows 10 — it often can help.

    A quick way to start Troubleshooting is to right click the mouse on the connection icon in the notification area and select «troubleshoot problems», then follow the instructions in the wizard to automatically repair the problems.

    And finally there is an official manual on what to do if the Internet doesn’t work in Windows 10 from the Microsoft —

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