Fears in adolescents

Not yet an adult, but not child — adolescent is confronted with new social roles and requirements. But the most difficult thing he has to deal with himself.

Страхи у подростков

In adolescence development of personality is very contradictory dichotomy: on the one hand, teenagers strive for individuality, and the allocation of its I from the crowd, and on the other appears a compelling need to belong to some group, to be part of something larger than just I. to Cope with this dilemma every younger child may be quite different from the total disregard of the society, withdrawal to blind conformism to any group that is willing to accept it.

Significant changes were made in the self-esteem of adolescents. The task of this period is to collect all the parts of your self that matured my whole previous life (which I am a son/daughter, student, athlete, friend) and to correlate with the assessment of his society. Very important here is to be yourself and still fit in their identity in the requirements of the relevant group. How easily and smoothly a teenager copes with this task will depend on its self-awareness and self-esteem. Many teenagers, which is difficult for overcoming conflict dichotomy, acutely feel their inadequacy and alienation, which leads to further development of fears typical of this period.

Aged from eleven to sixteen years of age the most common fear is the fear not to be yourself, the inability to decide who I am and part of what are. The fear of being «black sheep». In addition to psychological determination may fear body changes: I’m changing – what is happening with me, aren’t I ugly, am I loving this?

Another important feature of the period from eleven to sixteen years is the fact that this is the age where «summarizes» overcome all fears inherent in a previous life. If in any age one or more fears were not developed well enough, they become relevant again. It may be fear of supernatural, and fears of sickness, attack, disaster, fears answer at the Board. Even the fear of «white coat» can come again to the fore. And now overcoming them will take much more time and effort.

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