Preparing the body for childbirth

I advise you to prepare the body for childbirth, doctors-gynecologists and obstetricians in maternity wards and antenatal clinics

Подготовка организма к родам


1. Here ends the last trimester of pregnancy. The main part of motherhood is behind us, and ahead of endless happiness that will come with the birth of a baby.
To prepare your body for your life — childbirth, so this process did not become the flour for mom and baby, let’s listen to those recommendations in preparation for childbirth that gives in the antenatal clinic obstetrician-gynecologist.

2. In the first place not forget that pregnancy is not a disease and if the doctor has not appointed physical rest and bed rest, get plenty of walk and walk in the fresh air in a nearby Park, away from roads. At the same time you can perform the breathing uprajneniya that will be useful in the delivery room: the muscles, the oxygen-enriching, become more strong and hardy, and the body learns to breathe correctly. And the child that awaits its birth, also receive sufficient oxygen.

3. Continue to perform simple exercises — exercises for stretching of muscles. Under the influence of such exercises perineum becomes more elastic, which facilitates the process of entering the child and minimizes the likelihood of tearing. Example of exercises on stretching: leg swings to the side in a standing position; the seated position to separate the knees bent feet.

4. The diet is useful to introduce a large number of fresh fruits and vegetables. Limit your intake of thermally conductive compounds are processed foods, meat (since meat, especially beef and pork, may reduce the elasticity of tissues), completely eliminate pickled, fried, smoked, sweet dishes. Necessarily in every meal and eat a sufficient quantity of unrefined vegetable oil. This diet will provide the body with energy, vitamins, micro and macro-elements and fiber. Very useful as a snack a slice of black bread, sprinkled with vegetable oil. In order to prepare the cervix for childbirth, should be consumed on a daily basis, brewing as a tea, sage herb, the stems and leaves of raspberries. It is also useful to eat every day several slices of fresh pineapple.

5. If there are no contraindications and your doctor has prescribed pelvic rest, actively engage in unprotected sex, because the substances contained in the male sperm, have a softening effect on the cervix.
And, of course, mentally tune into the safe during childbirth.

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