How to choose sunglasses for your child

Summer is coming, which means more heat and sunlight. To walk clear day more comfortable and protect the eyes of a child helps kids sunglasses.
They especially come in handy while walking on the scooter or bike, because they can protect eyes from reflected sunlight, and therefore, increase the safety of your child.

Как выбрать солнцезащитные очки для ребёнка

When choosing children’s sunglasses should consider several important points.

1. Need glasses to protect the eyes of your offspring and close the skin around the eyes.

2. Note whether the glasses special badge of protection against solar UV rays. The UV type As indicated by UVA, and UVB – ultraviolet type V. the higher the indicator on the glasses UVB – the higher the degree of protection.

3. The long UV-wavelength of these rays has a range of 290-380 nm. The length of 400 nm is considered the most secure, and recommended for sunglasses labeled UV 400.

4. It is known that different surfaces have different levels of intensity of reflection. Therefore, high-quality glasses have a special marking indicating the level of protection. So, before buying think about where the child will be to use them. For example, city, sport, the sea, etc.

— «0» – light transmission of from 80 to 100%. Points with the lowest degree of protection from UV rays.

— «1», «2» – the transmission 43-80% and 18-43%. These partial glasses with UV protection suitable for normal urban conditions.

— «3» – light transmission 8-18%. Points marked as such are recommended for relaxation on the beach.

— «4» – light transmission 3-8%. The highest level of protection. These glasses can be used for high altitude and hot countries.

5. For children’s glasses most often recommended lenses special polarization. They don’t miss the reflection of light from shiny surfaces such as glass, water, cars, do not miss the sparkling glare. Sunglasses with polarized glasses block 99% of reflected light, while the sunglasses with normal lenses just darken these highlights.

When choosing kids sunglasses, it is important to remember that ultraviolet light is more dangerous if the child is of a poor quality product. This is because in the conditions when the sunlight intensity is high, and the baby doesn’t wear glasses, his eyes naturally react to the excessive brightness of the sun and the size of the pupil decreases. The more intense the light the smaller the pupil, and this is a natural response of the body reduces unwanted UV light. In conditions, when used tinted lens, the light seems less bright. Suitably, the pupils dilate, allowing more light to reach the eye. In the case where the lens is not high quality, it cannot provide the desired protection from UV rays.

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