Winter color type appearance

Winter color type is bright clean colors and beautiful contrasts. Not to notice a girl with a winter color type is impossible: its bright appearance attracts attention even in the crowd.

Зимний цветотип внешности

Winter color type is easy to determine. The faces of the people with this color type have bright features a strong contrast of skin color and hair color. The skin on their face can be bright, with delicate colors, and hair can be very dark is a sign of the color type «winter contrast». The face of winter color type may be less contrast with the brown or dark ashy hair and olive skin. «Winter» appearance may have blondes even if they have very light hair and fairly dark skin. For winter type typical contrast between hair color and skin color. This distinguishes the girls from the winter tsvetotip summer: they look very contrast and are bright colors and contrasting combinations.

Hair in people with this type of appearance are different colors, but always without a shade of red. Partial lightening or coloring in warm colors is not going to such people: it disturbs the harmony of the colors of their appearance. Such women may to early gray, but gray them to be silver rather than warm colors, very they are coming. Eyes girls of the winter color type can be gray, black, and blue or green, but their opinion will always be clean, and the contrast between the iris and the white of the eye is very large. Lips will be bright. On them looks good with bright lipstick, and other cosmetics bright and juicy colors.

The stylists there are three subtypes of the winter looks.

The first is deep winter, or winter with thick colour (Deep Winter). These are people with dark hair and eyes and warm skin tone which can be bronze.

Second – cold winter (Cool Winter). This looks easy to carry for the summer color type, but it is much more contrasting. The hair of such people can be ashy, or various shades of brown, but without the ginger or reddish shades, and his eyes gray or blue. The complexion is pink with a light blue shade, and is never warm light pink.

Third, the most expressive – bright winter (Clear Winter). These people are very bright, a beautiful contrast between the color of hair and eyes. The eyes may be bright green, blue or violet tint. Hair can be different colors, from very dark to ashen and the skin has no pink or peach shades.

Woman winter type very color contrasts, as in makeup and clothes. They can’t be too bright. The basis of a woman’s wardrobe, winter type is a clean red, black and white, and also blue and clear grey. Women with such looks are pantsuits strict tailoring and strong silhouettes. But with small prints and bright colors better be careful – they can conceal the bright appearance, making it commonplace.

Finally, consider what jewelry is suitable for women with these color types. Striking contrasts is the best fit here. Very good choice will be jewelry with vivid colors: deep blue, red or deep green. Metal fit silver, white gold and platinum. Looks good jewelry with mirror fragments, not too small. Small jewelry can seem invisible.


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