How to learn to distinguish truth from falsehood

What are the signs in a conversation to determine whether he is lying to you or not?

Ложь или правда?

There are many methods of distinguishing between lies and the truth. The main of them are based on observation of facial expressions and gestures. If you learn how to read them correctly in the source, you will see he is lying to you or not. But if he has the concentration and self-control, it is unlikely that you will succeed. Unless you’re as attentive and concentrated.

In any case, remember that the liar is always harder than you, in the sense that he feels some discomfort, as it feels that there is a likelihood of exposure. If he fully controls his gestures, which is not easy, but feasible, probably in speech to make mistakes it will be easier with the help of your leading questions.

So, the person who tries to deceive you, trying to divert your attention from the essence of the conversation, diluting your speech useless facts to be more persuasive and, as it seems, to submit to our attention more plausible picture.

When your opponent uses often in conversation words from your question, it indicates that he is with you not honest. Even if he puts a serious conversation into a joke, you know, he’s trying to lie to you. Also the tempo of speech we can discern that he is lying to you. If it with the frequent change of tempo and intonation, pauses, then the person is insincere.

The manifestation of turbulent emotions usually indicates that your opponent is trying to cover up their true motives and to divert your attention. Stay tuned for a look. If people in conversation often takes his eyes off to the side, he’s lying to you. I hope these observations will help you to bring clarity in dealing with people you suspect of being insincere with you.

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