Clip thinking is a phenomenon of the 21st century

The term «clip thinking» appeared in the 90-ies of the last century. It was just like the symbol of human’s ability to perceive the world in the form of short bright events, without going into details. However, today scientists are concerned about the question whether it is good.

Клиповое мышление - феномен 21 века

Actually almost all of today’s youth and thinks. You can, of course, to assimilate the General information culture of the future, and what the Americans are doing. However, after analyzing the situation, scientists agree that to achieve maximum success in modern conditions can only those who own more conceptual reasoning. But you need to learn at the right time to use and clip. How it looks in practice?

Indeed, to cope with an avalanche of information that pours into children from an early age, it is impossible. And the child adapts to the current conditions. But I must say that fit it to this parents. Instead of reading books at bedtime is much easier and more convenient to include the cartoon. Thus freeing their time and depriving the child of communication and the opportunity to present images of fantastic heroes. You should think that when clipped thinking (surface scraps) involves some centers of the brain, and at the conceptual (continuous analysis, and building a chain of sequential actions) are completely different.

On the one hand, the clipping thinking gives you the ability to quickly perceive information and react immediately to it. But the harm of this tendency is that the person once sometimes to analyze the flow of information the moral and ethical side of an issue. Hence the increase in the percentage of adolescents that exhibit violent behavior. And to answer the question of why he did so, he himself cannot. In order to achieve the desired heights in career, you need to see the whole long path to the goal and move steadily.

Clip thinking then you need, when you need at the level of intuition to make quick decisions. «Ponyatiya» without the ability to think klipova also in the modern world will not take place. Scientists believe that the presidents, successful businessmen, millionaires know how to use at the right moment and so, and others. And it is very valuable.

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