How to determine when pregnant with boy

Every woman deep down wants to know who will be born. So, are national signs and observations that predict the birth of a boy.

Как определить, что беременна мальчиком

1. It is believed that if during pregnancy the woman began to look better, but worse to realize she’s waiting for her son because the boy takes the girl beauty.

2. If the back is not visible belly, it has acute and strongly projecting forward.

3. A sharp increase in body hair also promises the birth of a son.

4. This same fact is indicated by the stripe on the abdomen, diverging to the right.

5. The skin becomes very dry and feet are always cold.

6. Woman, waiting for the boy, it becomes very messy, often falls and something breaks.

7. At the late stage fetal movements felt on the right side.

8. If pregnant ask a boy to stretch his arms in front of him – palms will be down.

9. Pregnant boy often have headaches and suffer from swelling.

10. Pregnant by son is constantly hot, but the feet, always cold.

11. The birth of a boy promises a good appetite, constant feeling of hunger. When you want meat, something salty and sour, but a special delight cause the crusts from the bread.

12. It is believed that boys are more often born in families where the husband loves his wife more than she him.

13. To conceive a boy, outside the window must be Sunny weather and the woman must experience orgasm.

14. If you hang a wedding ring on a thread and hold it over the belly – it will begin to describe circles, which also speaks of the pregnancy by the boy.

15. Fat during his wife’s pregnancy the husband is also indicative of the imminent arrival of a male child.

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