How to increase a child’s interest in reading

Today, increasingly, there are opinions that children have less to read. The reason is the emergence of alternative sources of information. Their role of television, and the Internet. Sometimes blaming parents who allegedly gave her offspring a love of reading. Others blame the modern education system, which has a number of imperfections.

Как повысить интерес ребенка к чтению

Research conducted recently revealed that not only children but also their parents began to read less. Surprisingly, the Hindus, for example, read two times more than Russians. The average Russian citizen spends about 6 hours a week on reading. So maybe we are to blame, setting a bad example to the younger generation? It makes sense to start with yourself. But what if this measure doesn’t change anything?

Let’s try to understand what to do to a child to like reading, and what is recommended strictly avoided.

What not to do

To give the child to listen to the texts from the books in which a lot of incomprehensible words. Make sure that the child understands the words from the story or the fairy tales that you read to him. But if they are still present in small numbers, do not be lazy to explain their meaning.

To force a child to read and to compare it with other peers who love books. So you cause even more rejection in the child. Deep down he will feel the insolvent, but in every way try to deny it.

To make to read to the end uninteresting works. As a result, in the child mind reading will become fixed as a special form of punishment.

To pick up a book that does not meet the level of complexity to his age. They are very quickly bored him. And the lack of interest during the reading will cause a child not to memorize the information contained in the book.

What to do certainly

To escape from time to time, from reading books and telling in your own words the interesting history that is described in it. If you have any interest to fix it.

Buy interesting encyclopedia with colorful illustrations. Experts say that such books are like all children. They allow fast and fun to learn the materials contained therein. To secure the interest, in questions and answers.

To devote more time to reading. Children tend to follow adults. If the kid will see that you a lot and enjoys reading, I also interested in books. This defiantly take from time to time children’s books and pretend to read them enthusiastically.

To select books in accordance with the interests of the child. If he likes to read about dinosaurs, buy books on relevant topics and so on.

Periodically change the genre of books. Not all children like fairy tales. Some prefer to read scientific literature.

Continue reading to the child, even if he learned how to do it. At the same time try to read with expression, emphasizing important details.

Allow to go to bed with a book. You can offer or to go to sleep, or read 10 minutes before sleep. Often children are ready to do anything not to go to bed early. That is why this measure can be very effective.

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