Best hairstyles for bedtime

Hairstyle for sleeping — it’s not another fable girls, and a wonderful way to take care of tomorrow. Making one of easy hairstyles before bed, you can save yourself from the trouble of tangling the hair and even to prepare curls for styling the next day.

Лучшие прически для сна

Spit. Ordinary spit will not let the hair get tangled during sleep, and for straight hair will set the Foundation for the hairstyle, since her hair will be curled. However, if after braids curls too curly, it’s easy to fix small wetting the hair and combing. For a really beautiful curls you need to try different ways of weaving braids and one day you will definitely find one that suits you.

Several braids. This hairstyle is suitable for lovers of small curls. The name speaks for itself: you need to weave multiple braids, optimally 4 or 5. They should not tighten, and in the morning you need to put on them a little Polish.

Free host. This method will not change the hairstyle, but will help the hair not to tangle during the night. To do this, make a high ponytail, then twist the ends around his base.

Knot on the crown. First plaited high ponytail and tied with a rubber band. Then hair are twisted and secured under the rubber band. This hairstyle will change morning look of the curls, giving them a beautiful shape.

Twist. This night her hair used to the morning to get beautiful waves. To start, hair should be divided into several sections, each section then spread the modeling cream and wear it on your finger and fasten invisible the resulting curl.

Tape. In order to obtain curls with the help of hair bands, I’ll wear it on the head, take about 5 cm of hair and put them under her.

Tail. Conventional tail, placed on any comfortable sleeping level, will not give much hair to tangle at night. With straight hair will have the morning specific relief, which, as in the case with a failed slash, easy to fix, and raschesov without wetting your hair.

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